To initiate and encourage an ongoing snowball effect of good deeds.

The Good Deeds Organisation Principles
  • To encourage giving for giving’s sake.
  • The value of a good deed is in the good deed itself.
  • Every good deed makes a difference and lots of good deeds compounded will have a profound impact.
  • All good deeds are important at whatever level they are performed.
  • No one good deed is better than another.
  • Genuine good deeds start with genuine good intentions.
The Good Deeds Definition Of A Good Deed
A spontaneous or planned act that benefits third parties and has been completed.
The Good Deeds Organisation Ethos
The Good Deeds Organisation ethos is based on principles of non-aggression, non-violence, non-intrusion, non-judgementalism, and non-profiteering. We welcome participation from everyone of all origins, backgrounds and of all abilities.