Good Deeds Archive

I would like to post the kindness i received from mr richard raphael, bangalore india. I have no idea who he was or where he came from that night. He was god sent for me and my family who were involved in an accident and desperate for help. When not many people were willing to even stop ,Not only did he take us to the hospital, he ensured we got immediate care. Thank you sir! May god bless!
My step-mum works with the midwifery service 'oop norf'. The community midwife had returned to the office and told her why she was late: one of her patients needed to get to the only food bank in the area but heavily pregnant and unable to drive was having problems so the midwife took her. The husband is a self-employed window cleaner who has fallen and badly broken his leg but was refused sickness benefit; they have 4 kids already plus the one on the way and because of this are unable to do anything for Christmas. We spent 2 hours last night going around the local ASDA trying to find suitable gifts for these unknown kids so she could give them to the midwife today to pass on: my step-mum is truly an amazing woman.
Think about our first responders. This is but the least of what they do for us, yet so tender. Ambulance was called for acute septicemia from gall bladder. While they're putting in a line, the youngest one, the new one, knowing no other way to help...found my crochet slippers by the bed and tenderly put one on each foot. They are all heroes, but think of the pure goodness of that single gesture.
About a month ago I witnessed a lady with a little boy walking under an over path. All of a sudden it began to rain. I noticed she stopped and looked startled. I thought Oh no, I have to help them. So I made a U-turn and drove up slowly towards the curve. I asked her if she needed a ride. She said she was taking her son to Palmetto Hospital for a check up. Its like 10 minutes away but on foot about 35 minutes. So I gave her my number and told her to call me when she's done since it started raining heavily. I gave her a ride to a bus stop but on the way I bought them Lunch at Wendy's. She said thank you so much you brightened my day today.
Last year during December I noticed my ex-boyfriends neighbors looked like they were struggling financially. One afternoon I was visiting him and I saw his neighbor with a little girl on her lap. Her mom was braiding her hair and she had no clothes on or shoes. I noticed a little boy also running around the yard. Since I was doing great financially at the moment I decided to buy her a bag full of toys for Christmas. So I bought her Barbies, toys, coloring books, markers, crayons. A few days after Christmas they were finally home. So I knocked and surprised them. The mom was telling the little girl & boy to give me a kiss and say thank you. My eyes got filled with tears. Best feeling in the whole world.
Jill/Arnside/United Kingdom
My friend just bought a small bag of Thornton's Chocolates and dropped them in my handbag after I spent all afternoon crying on her shoulder.
To the black cab driver who found my wallet in his taxi on the morning of Monday the 20th, after dropping me off in the City, then drove all the way back to my place (address on the driving license) to drop it off for me at home: massive, grateful thank you. I wish you had left your name or reg number so that I could thank you in person; I hope you know though what a fantastic person you are.
Gina/Austin /USA
My son went to a tire store a couple months ago to purchase tires for his vehicle and he overheard a conversation between the sales associate and an older woman. He heard the employee explain to the woman that she needed more than one tire to have a safe vehicle. The woman asked if she could apply for a line of credit to try to buy tires because she only had enough money for one tire. The woman went to fill out the app for credit and my son asked the associate to install 4 new tires on the womans car and he paid for it. God bless my son. I'm so proud of him!
Whenever I go to the grocery store. I gather a shopping cart or two left in the parking lot and wheel them into the storage area. I figure it's a very small gesture but it helps somene else & I have to walk that way anyway why not be useful.
I would like to say thank you to Richard Clark who donates his time to children giving them free art classes and stimulating their imaginations. He offers the free classes to children 6 through 17 every Saturday at absolutely no cost to parents. It's good to see someone give back. God Bless you Mr. Clark
A million thank yous to Jo Dee of Central London who picked up my hand bag that I left on the platform at Bond Street station. She looked on my mobile 'phone for the most frequently called number (my partner's) and rang him to say she had the bag. When we collected it from her, she told us that people where eye-ing the bag and she knew someone would steal it, so she boldly picked it up despite the stares of others. Her incredibly honest and selfless act has restored my faith in human goodness. Thank you a million times Jo Dee.
To my amazing colleagues Elly, Louisa, Suzie and John who took hours of their own time to keep the elderly stranger company who fell over and waited for an ambulance for more than two hours. In the end they paid for a taxi to convey the gentleman to nearby St. Thomas. He's ok now and a good deed done.
Makayla /Windsor/Ontario
I was recently in a situation with my best friend that We could not have been able to get out of our self! We were being harassed and bullied into fighting. I happens to look over and see a man walking his dog. When I had the chance I ran over to him and said "can you please help me and my friend" he asked what was wrong! And we said that these girls are harassing us and he ended up giving me and her a ride home I honestly believe that her deserves an award or even to be noticed!
I managed to not offend anyone so far at school!
Aren/Las Cruses/NM
shared recycling with school and they want to help now.
I looked up a random persons Amazon wish list and sent her some DVDs she wanted to her registered gift address just because I fancied doing somethig nice for a total stranger! Hope it didn't freak her out too much though!
I am a nervous flyer and yesterday I was on a particularly turbulent flight from Edinburgh to Gatwick. A lady and her son sat next to me and noticed my anxiety. They talked to me throughout the flight and distracted me by asking questions about my life and reassured me that everything that was happening was normal. They even bought me a cup of tea because ‘tea makes everything better’. I was so overwhelmed by how kind they were to a total stranger and I’m so grateful.
I would like to say a big thank you to the gentleman in Bank, who stopped today to ask me if I was okay. Also a big thank you to the generous young lady, Yas, who stayed with me and took the same train as me assuring me a place on the train. The pregnant lady
We went out for dinner the other evening and sat next to two local police officers for dinner. So I thought why not pay for their dinners. So we did just that. I went up to the owner and requested to pay for the dinner. The officers were completed surprised and appreciative of the thought. Theses special people sometimes put their lives on the line to protect others.
I sent my friend some flowers and a funny card to cheer her up and she said it made her day :)
Jenny/Edinburgh/United Kingdom
I've started a Green Club at my school. Our first good deed was putting recycling bins in every classroom to make it easier for people to recycle. The club all volunteer our time and encourage everyone to be considerate to the environment. We want to help our school become more environmentally friendly.
Rebecca/Sebastian/United States
A few months ago I learned of a little domestic bunny being kept in a very sad, dirty, and neglectful environment. Having 3 cats, I had no intention of getting a bunny but wanted to at least rescue her from the environment she was in. Well, we named her Annabelle and very quickly fell in love with her - and now we have a bunny! I've litter-trained her, she gets along great with our cats, and she gets lots of love and attention everyday. She is so sweet and playful and it warms my heart to see how happy she is now!
Jessie/Salt Lake City/USA
I am getting married this Saturday in a small town in Utah at a reception center. When I went to pay my bill, the owners of the reception center said that someone gave me a gift and paid half of my bill. What a wonderful thing to do! I feel so grateful and wish I could thank this amazing person.
sue/Tynemouth/United Kingdom
I found a wallet with driving licence and bank cars and took it round to young man's house
When I can't sleep, I sometimes go on instagram, search the hashtag #helpme and leave encouraging words on some pictures.
I've been looking through the Internet tonight and see so many bad things that are happening and that people do to each other. It's easy to despair. Reading this website reminds me that there is lots of good in the world, and seeing the good deeds people do makes me want to be a better person. Keep spreading the love.
I was travelling on the London underground this weekend and I saw a lady standing in front of me looking down at her foot. It was red and sore from her shoe. I searched my purse for a plaster and handed it to her. She was very grateful and it felt good to help a stranger in need. A man next to me saw this and told me how nice it was and wished me a good day. Kindness is contagious!
London/United kingdom
My amazing dad,does good deeds daily. He cheers me up, makes me still want to be appart of the world, I have a had a shockingly traumatic life leaving me with complex PTSD and severe depression, and my dad has never given up on me even though I have got myself in bad situations as my self worth is very low. Even after holding a full time stressful job, my dad also does spiritual healing helping hundreds of people a year to have somthing every one needs, hope . I love you dad, to infinity and beyond, you truelly are incredible. Prue xxx
I was buying by breakfast this morning when I realised I was 20p short. I was about to leave when I heard a voice say "How much do you need?". Without a second thought he handed me the money. It was so kind and I will be thinking about it all day and every time I go into that coffee shop. Thank you stranger, we need more people like you in the world.
I have a.very heavy,influential way about 2 years ago after almost losin my mother but miraculously survived (in the words of the drs) i guess you would say,i made a bargain to save my mother ..the bargain was id change my extremely negative ways..ever since april 2012, I've begun being more positive and have uplifted many others around..helped other negative ppl.see the light in things and have more hearts
ericka/taneytown/USA today i took a friend to his dr appt because his license is no good,then after that we helped redirect a mother duck and 6 ducklings across the the street.they waddled over a sewage drain and 4 fell through ..with the help of a.nice cop, they were retrieved.Now I'm off to work to make $ to help support my ill mother.
Feeling very proud of Jay Shete and Shreyas Kulkarni for their courageous and noble act two days ago. While going to BATU, they spotted a car turned over in the Tamhini valley near Pune. Unlike typical Indian behavior nowadays, they not only stopped and checked if someone was hurt, but called the Police, waited till help arrived from nearby villagers, and also helped rescue at least one injured person fallen deep down in the valley. Because of their sense of humanity and civic duty, two injured survived, although one could not be saved . Great Act Boys!!
Ellice/Brisbane /Australia
I donated my beautiful formal gown that I held very close to my heart, it is now being deconstructed to make several small gowns for babies who have sadly grown their wings??
I saw lots of wrappers and papers littered around the local post office so I scooped them all up and put them in the bin. This was just a small deed but it saved someone else from doing it at the end of a long day!
Mandala Om/Morayfield/Australia
I was very nice with a rude old lady in the market. She looked confused with my reaction and smile.
Ed/Los Angeles/United States
I recently donated approx 70% of my Liver..I saved a life, and the recovery was approx 6 weeks long..I just wanted to let others know that donating a piece of yourself to save a life is priceless...Over 60% of Liver patients, who are waiting for a Liver Die...The love for Man-kind is underrated...Sincerely Ed
Just on my Summer Holidays but I am remaining back in college to help as a volunteer for one of the colleges largest events. Pen and Pixel. So far I've helped by cutting, sticking,mounting Images,drawing, painting, photos, etc.
I sponsored a friend's Moonwalk, London 2014, for charity. I donated what I could. She received so many donations that she almost double her target amount! She completed the walk 26 miles in 8 hours. Such kindness for a great cause.
I washed the dishes for my mum.
Sophie /Harrogate/England
I'm 15 years of age, and was on the train when I idiotically missed my stop. Panicking as I had no money left and with a hefty suitcase full of books I was unsure what to do all the while in the realisation that I was headed to a city I knew nothing about, nor had any means to get home by, when a American women who I did not know sat next to me offered me ten pounds to get the train back, I reluctantly took five pounds off her and was able to travel home safely, and luckily managing to get off at my correct station. I wish I had had time to properly thank this woman for her generosity offering to help me, and know I hope one day to repay the favour to another in trouble, and also perhaps learn to use the train system properly.
I gave some money to our Big Issue seller. I told him I didn't need the magazine but that he could have the money anyway. He's always so cheerful, even when it's raining, and has a nice singing voice so it's a pleasure to help.
I was at the household tip today getting rid of some pretty heavy garden rubbish. I was struggling a bit and a fairly elderly man offered to help. I was grateful for his help - and he was delighted he could lift it!
Julie /Chelmsford /England
Today I visited Avebury. Historic and beautiful site. First stone I looked at I noticed a phone at the base.I picked it up, looked through phonebook and called 'mum'. Mum called the husband then husband and phone owner met me to collect phone. Very grateful. #PayItForward
Today I was at Starbucks and saw a very rude customer speaking to one of the workers with attitude; telling him to remake her drink. After that, he did not smile. So I wrote him a note saying "Smile! =) Don't let rude customers get to you. Have a good night. Xoxo"
My boyfriend and I had a lovely meal at the weekend and our waitress was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable and helped us with anything we needed. As we left, as well as giving her a tip, we found the restaurant manager and told him how much we had enjoyed our meal and how pleased we were with our waitress.
Peter/San Marcos/USA
I was at Starbucks and watched two women talking and one of them started crying. It was so sad to see. Throughout there conversation she started briefly a couple times again. They were pretty far from me so I could barely hear anything. Only thing I did occasionally hear was this poor woman crying. So within 20 minutes, I drew a scene of both of them together sitting with their coffee and I wrote the words, "I hope this brings you joy and you have a brighter day." When I gave it to the somber woman, her day brightened instantly! Both women gave me a big smile and a big thank you. With a simple portrait of two women, I walked away knowing I just made her day a happier one.
A remarkable event occurred to me when I was attempting to buy gasoline. The pump was not reading my card despite several attempts at swiping it and a man walked up to me and asked if I needed help. He actually asked me "how much do you need?" I do drive a 27-year-old car and don't look like a millionaire but I was stunned by his generosity and caring spirit. I said I had the money, explained my difficulty and thanked him. There are plenty of wonderful people in Nashville and this world. Someone who actually needed help has probably gotten it from this fine man. As a cynical misanthrope myself it feels like a lesson I needed to learn.
Sorted out a mountain of stuff to give to MIND charity
Gave spare change to RNLI
found £1 in the road.Put in my pocket.Had second thoughts and left on a parking machine for next user.
A huge thanks to the lovely couple who stayed with me after I fractured my ankle on Saturday night. I'm an idiot and you are so kind.
I was on my way back to Uni from London and the train was cancelled. I had to go back several stations and then get to my last station by a different route. I got talking to a lady and her son and when she found out there were no buses back to my Uni, she said she would give me a lift back. We shared a taxi back to her house and she drove me back to my Uni. I am so grateful to her. Thank you kind stranger!
Dot/Edinburgh /Scotland
Stuart, totally saved my last two months work by recovering files on my computer I thought were lost.
mason/winter park/USA
Witness a guy paying for two strangers tap at a dry cleaners. Thought it was pretty nice.
Debbie saved my bacon today as a computer genius, when I was without wifi and having technical difficulties... Love you Debbie
Cassie/Louisville/United States
This guy is wearing no shoes for A YEAR to raise money and collect new shoes for children that don't have the luxury of owning shoes.
I would like to thank the very kind man who waited out in the cold to give away his spare ticket for the long queue at the Visa office, Goswell Road. It saved me a lot of time and his thoughtfulness and kindness to a stranger were greatly appreciated.
wesley/capetown/south africa
I help a couple tonight, they stuck without petrol at the robot, so I helped push the car to the side of the road.I feel good. Idecided to do more good in that way , by helping people in need. :)
Becky helped an old man who had fallen in the street. Took him to a nearby store and the good people of Barclays looked after him.
I helped a blind person to walk down the street and take the bus. Amazing feeling to help somebody.
I was sitting at grateful hearts it is a place you go to for help with food clothes and other things I was getting food they have a Christmas gift program so this family walked in asking abot the xmas program they asked a lady for help the one day from the family asked about help the lady said if you did not sgin on 10-06 or if you received help with in ayearso the did not the lady said therename was not on the list. So I asked the lady if my family name was on the list she said yes but h so she looked and my name was on the list she said yes so I said can they have my spot the lady said I have to ask my supervisor I hope they have a blessed Christmasme and my familwe'll have to
One of my friends was stuck outside her house in the rain because her front door was swollen shut. A kindly man stopped to help her open it and upon finding out the quote she'd been given to get it fixed offered to come back and do it for free.
Earilier in the week I helped a lost comedian make his way to a gig he was late for even though it meant walking fifteen minutes in the wrong direction.
Today on my walk I came across a big dog poo in the middle of the path, I picked it up and put it in the bin even though it was not from my dog.
My sports team is having a secret Santa this. The girl who I chose wrote this as her gift suggestion.... 'I've been a good girl this year, but I have everything I need, please make someone else happy this year and donate a gift to someone more in need' This has inspired me to join good deeds and make myself worthy of such a genuinely kind friend.
My new neighbor is a 20 year old kid who just left home. We got talking and it turns out that after he moved in his flatmate ran out on him leaving him with an empty home and a pile of bills. He said he was going to have to quit college and move back in with mom and dad. I felt sorry for him because I had to do similar when i was his age so the next day I went shopping. Using some "bargain" websites I know I spent £40 and got him £200 of food and house warming gifts and had it delivered. He later fessed up that it gave him just enough time and space to find a new flatmate who pays their rent in advance so no more running out on bills! To this day he doesn't know it was me.
I travel by bus, It's relaxing and gives me quiet time. The cost of a return ticket for me is £3 but I always pay £1 more for a day ticket which allows me to travel anywhere locally. So why pay MORE? well it's logical when you do what I do and it saves someone else money and makes them happy. When I have done my travels (usually by noon) I give someone else my ticket and because its a day ticket I know they can get to wherever it is they are going and in the process save £3-£4. It might not be a lot to me but it might to them. Also I have now convinced the missus and a number of friends to do the same.
Thank you to the man in st albans on the 19th october that gave me his car park ticket as he was leaving and I was parking. Even saving £3 is always helpful and very thoughtful!
Tuesday was a cold day with occasional sprinkles. I clerked an auction sale that was being held outside. As I left my house, I oddly grabbed two jackets. While registering people for buyer's numbers, an older gentleman came to the window. He was wearing a thin, long sleaved shirt. He was very cold, and my heart sank. I offered him my jacket, and he gladly said yes. As the day progressed I would glance around and look for him, but never saw him. I automactically assumed that he had left and took my jacket with him. At the end of the sale, he brought me my jacket and appologized for it having rain on it. He stated 'you are very kind' and handed me $20.
My co-worker brought me liver and onions to eat for lunch today. She cooked it last night and remembered how much I like it. She is awesome!
Catherine/London/United Kingdom
My Uncle and Grandma were companions to each other. My Grandma recently passed away, leaving my Uncle lonely. I invited him away on holiday with us for my birthday and insisted on paying for his stay. I know he really appreciated the company and being included in our group. He treated me to things over the holiday and is a very kind hearted person. It was nice to return his kindness and for him to receive a piece of the kindness he always gives to others. It was great to see him laughing and smiling again like he did with my Grandma.
helped a hedgehog cross the road.
Linda/Crawling ton/Northumberland
Hand knit cardigans and hats for premmie baby unit at R.V.I in Newcastle upon Tyne .
Today in town I saw a homeless man had built a little enclousure for him self under some stairs and behind a box. I realise my deed was me being vulnerable but he was homeless. I bought some food and water and wrote a note. I left them in his shelter for him to return to.
Jenna/San Francisco/USA
I gave a care package to a mentor/friend who was about to undergo surgery. Very least I could do for someone who has done so much for me, and is one of the few people who I can confide in. Since then I've checked up on her via text to see how she's doing.
Jennifer DeJesus/Pittsburgh/United States
On my way home, I saw two women who looked like students who were not from the US. Considering they had about ten Walmart bags as they walked through brush and grass on the side of the road, I assumed they were on their way to a bus stop. Since the nearest one was two miles away, I made a u-turn and spoke with them. I live in downtown, which is where they live and attend school. Both were from China and had only lived in the US for two weeks. I drove them the twenty miles home. Although it was on my way, it made me feel wonderful that I made the day of two others just a little bit easier.
These two little boys found a startled little bunny rabbit on the side of the main road but not harmed just terrified and they walked all the way to the nearby forest and let the little bunny free to the safeness of the forest again.
Seen people in groups holding free hugs sign and went about giving people group hugs leaving everyone happy and laughing.
Mom found two pups in a plastic bag on side of road still alive. Took them home and they all happy now and found a new home. :)
Lynn/ Fulton/USA
I took my children for their haircuts today. While there a man came in asking for an appointment to get his boys hair cut. "I will get paid Friday so I need it to be on Friday" he said. I could tell that he must be living on disability/ssi because he had a deformed wrist & hand. So the lady made him an appointment for 3:00pm Friday then he left. As I paid for my childrens hair cuts, I paid for his also! feels good to do something for someone else!
I gave my tube pass to someone waiting to purchase their ticket as I no longer needed it. She was really happy and it made me smile!
I gave my tube pass to someone waiting to purchase their ticket as I no longer needed it. She was really happy and it made me smile!
Michelle/Manchester/United Kingdom
My daughter, is 11 and she cannot pass a homeless person without giving them something. A couple of years ago she saw an advert on tv about children in need and asked if we could give them some money. I told her it was a monthly donation and that it would cost about the same as her upcoming birthday party. Without a blink she said, "Can I give them the money instead of having a party?" And that's what she did. She opted to not have a birthday party and adopted a child who turned out to be a year older than her from another country. Im so proud of her! <3
charlie/norwich /England
a young student was crying at a bus terminal she was totally lost and spoke no English we took her to her destination and she cried with joy it was 2am and my wife and I went to the bus terminal to collect a friend. we all felt the young lady could have been our daughter lost somewhere in the world while traveling . not a big thing but made me realize we are all Gods children , help people when you can x
Fran/Leek/United Kingdom
I saw an old lady in her 80s struggling to walk up my street with shopping,just as I was leaving my house,so I offered her a lift home, she had walked up and down my street for years and I had never stopped to speak to her, the following day I found 2 tins of cat food by my front door and a little note from the lady saying she knew there were good people in the world, but she hadn't encountered many, what a lovely act of kindness to leave my cats some food, we speak often as a result now :)
Saw a friend on the bus, told him it was good to see him and smiled
Dana/New York/USA
Walking up the stairs, out of the subway in NYC amidst gobs of other people one day, a homeless man wearing a hospital bracelet, carrying a heavy bag, struggled down the stairs while others pushed by him going up. I decided to offer him my help by carrying his bag down the stairs. Once I stopped, another woman stopped as well to help him out. It was a small deed, but showed me that it's totally true - a small act of kindness compels others to jump in and do the same.
Jean/Barotac Nuevo/philippines
Actually I prefer to keep for myself what good deeds I have done. I grow up to understand that life is not easy. My parents thought me to be a good person which is who I am now. Even though I have better life now I still don't forget where I came from. Doing good deeds is a normal routine for me every day where ever I go or what country I'm at. Well yesterday a pregnant woman ride in a bus I have a comfortable sit and the available one I know will be difficult for her due to her big stomach so I offer mine.
Nikki /Brisbane/Australia
This morning I went to my local shop to get milk and eggs, I went to pay for it and it declined, I hadn't checked our accounts and we had all our money in another account, I told the lady at the counter that I needed to pop to my car to transfer some money as my mobile was in my car, when I came back the lady at the counter told me that the lady behind me had already paid for it, I was a little taken back then almost a bit emotional that just made my day its a amazing how the little things people do can make such a difference, I think I might pass it on now.. :)
Do good beacuse its right not because your looking for attention or applause,good deed are good paying it foward.
Last may i change my whole around ive always help other s never expected rewards or thanks just trying to give what was never giving to me love respect everyday since my separation i play it forward i give when i have nothing to give i listen when others walk way i fight with knowledge now instead of fists my good deed and promise was to my kids to live every day with peace in my heart,love in my spirit,and the will to do good ,all my life ive had bad and know only bad,i guess you could say god took the bad ftom within and lefy me a clean slate to fill it with good ,fir the first time in my life even thoe i have nothing and rarely see my kidsam at peace because i wanna see others happy and safe so everyday i will help
Sat next to a homeless man who told me his name was Robert and bought him dinner. He then told me in the 16 years hes been homeless no one has ever bothered to talk to him.
Helped blind man cross road after being ignored by passers by.
I was on a line at the pharmacy waiting for my prescription. The prescription was for my migraine medication because I get very debilitating migraines. My insurance did not cover the medication and it was expensive. I sighed when I saw the price and asked the pharmacist to only give me one or two pills. I could not afford it between rent and other bills. She went to go fill it and when I came back she told me that a woman had offered to pay for my medication. She was a strange. She paid 160$ for my medication because she "knew what it was like to fall on hard times." I told her I'd pay it forward and now every year I go back and give the pharmacy money to use for people who are in a similar situation that I was in.
I have been feeding the birds with organic seed throughout our harsh winter. They are now enjoying the sun and we are enjoying seeing them thrive!
I have been feeding the birds with organic seed throughout our harsh winter. They are now enjoying the sun and we are enjoying seeing them thrive!
Makie/San Francisco /USA
I've recently started a project called "Planted Deeds". Every day, I intend on helping one person by completing one good deed. Like my mother always told me, it is always better to give than to receive. And when you give, you are receiving because nothing is more special than making another person smile.
Chardae/San Antonio/USA
I am 23 and fresh out of college, I gave $125 to a coworker whose house burned down.
Abhinav /sundernagar/India
donate money to poor that i want to do and want others to do
Abhinav /sundernagar/India
I want to donate blood 235 times
In front of me was a woman looking for gum. I did a quick run around the store to find what she was looking for. She told me "God bless you" It felt good to help.
Elisa/Bath/United Kingdom
A group of us were on our way to netball, when we saw an elderly man struggling to set up his electric chair ramp in to his home. We went over to him and helped him by setting it up and bringing it back in once he was inside. He was really appreciative and thankful for it and we all felt great for helping him out.
Standing in line at a food court when a stranger asked if I could buy him lunch, he had his work tools with him and said that he had been working overnight in a house...he looked tired, and I did, even opting to get him a larger and re sealable Pepsi, over the can he ordered to save me money. He thanked me and we went our separate ways it cost me ten dollars...and I hope he never forgets that someone gave a damn that morning.
Im trying to help a single struggling mom get back on her feet and get things on track for her beautiful three children shes been dealt some very hard blows but doesnt give up hope or trying she unconditionally and whole heartedly puts these kids first. shes lost so much.
I spend time with an elderly woman every Friday morning. She lives alone and is far from her family so I know she appreciates the company.
Been giving gifts to kids and to everyone whenever have the money.
My mom is the most amazing woman in the world. When her sister passed away that lived over 670 miles away she adopted my four young cousins without ever really seeing them. When her husbands sister passed away her two young kids came to live with us full time. She is now a mom of 10 kids! Three of them are severe ADHD and one is Autistic this would drive most moms crazy but my mom is amazing. She does not get hand outs or food stamps like one would think.
Kellie/Parma/United States
A friend of mine lost hours at work, so I sent her a grocery gift card in the mail with her Valentine :)
Change/Burlington/United States
Helped someone work out which tubes they needed to take to get some where they needed to be.
I had been in a long queue at the supermarket checkout when I noticed there was an eldery couple behind me. They had a lot more items than me but they seemed to be struggling so I let them go in front of me even though I was in a hurry.
Me and my friends went around the neighbourhood picking up every single piece of trash we saw.
A single mother just got a part time job earning minimum wage (~$7.45/hour). She does not earn enough money to pay for daycare for her 6 month old baby, so I've been watching her baby at no charge when she needs it.
A lady at work gave me a brand new Christmas tree in the box. Her friends husband had won it at work and they did not need it. Times are tough..that tree will be a great gift under our current, propped up, limbs lost and falling off tree.
Jarrod/Thompson/United States
This evening I went to the store to get some things I needed. Behind me in the checkout line was a lady that was away from home visiting her dying mother. She asked if I could give her a ride back to her hotel. Being it is the Christmas season, I agreed to give her a ride. She explained how she had to borrow money from a friend to buy her minimal amount of groceries and some decorations for her mother's room at the nursing home. I told her to put her items with mine and I would pay for them. After giving her a ride back to where she was staying, she couldn't stop thanking me. I simply said you're welcome and Merry Christmas. I had the greatest feeling of satisfaction being able to help someone and make their time of struggle a little easier.
I stopped in the street to talk to a girl who was sat on the curb crying. After an hour of chatting, she hugged me and we went our separate ways with a smile.
Smile genuinely, it always warms the hearts.
Also in countries with hot climates, where animals can't find water, put a bowl of water outside your balcony for birds, and some bread crumbs. Also try to build a small water pool for passing animals in the dessert.
In hot countries like Oman in the Middle east, place a drinking pipe for passers who can't afford water to drink from
Buy food for a poor person who lives near by.
I have been placing lots of organic bird seed in my garden to keep the birds happy over the winter.
I have downloaded a great app called the Karma Challenge for iPhone, it allocates you a good deed challenge for each good deed is passing on this great app so that many more can perform good deeds.
I then sat my little boy down and explained how daddy got stressed and how we're going to give him a big hug when he gets home and tell him we love him. We then talked about how we could talk calmly even when we might feel upset.
I forgave my hubby when he shouted in front of the kids. It was difficult but then I thought, I actually make lots of mistakes myself and would hope too to be forgiven. The happiest families forgive quickly!
Dr Walter/London/UK
This evening I made an Apple and Bramble (they're like Blackberries) Pie with Vanilla Custard (yes, using Bird's Custard Powder) for an elderly Pensioner neighbour who is currently housebound at the moment after a Hip replacement Operation. I think she was surpised & pleased with unexpected homemade treat!
Davyd Whaley/Los Angeles/USA
Art I would like to donate this artwork to an auction or have a buyer donate the money to s family for Thanksgiving that is struggling . Contact me to arrange details.
When my manager was coughing badly due to fever, i arranged for medicine and asked my junior to pass that tablet to my manager, as i did not want my manager to feel i am helping him for a good hike in salary or so. it was purely a selfless attempt.
Whenever my friend gets fever-I make ginger tea for her, also clean her utensils without her knowledge!
ofer/Tel Aviv/Israel
I told my wife how beautiful she is
Hannah/Warwick/United Kingdom
Today I witnessed a customer return to a shop and return the extra change they had been accidentally given - lovely to see!
A neighbours house was gutted by fire earlier tonight. Before the fire could spread we smashed his driverside window on his ute and moved it out of the way.
There's a boy on my street who offers to cut everyone's grass. He is the hardest worker on our block. I don't have him cut my grass, but yesterday I gave him a card that told him that I noticed his efforts and appreciate his hard work. I also enclosed $10. It made him smile.
I saw a young boy pick up a bag of rubbish that was left in a park and sort it into the correct recycling bins. A brilliant example of goodness in our youth.
Having had a bad day it made such a difference when a woman smiled at me on the tube. Such a little act of kindness can go a long way!
My good deed was; I was on a bus and it was crowded with people I had a seat so I was all happy and stuff. Then an older lady (grandma's age)got on as there were no empty seats I offered my seat to her, she was very happy but said "no thanks I have been seating down all day" :D
someone was stumbling for the cash to pay for their supermarket buys so the difference was only a little and I paid it.
I have begun a radio show called the Kindness Hour on a Volunteer run Community Radio station in Mumbai- Cheers to the Good Deed Bank !
On Close the GAP day, you are invited to join in a day of Giving, Appreciating and Participating with those around you, and in so doing boosting not just your immune system and wellbeing, but that of the recipient too. Pass it on! Email to find out more! The day will be in November so keep in touch to find out when!
Close the GAP day will be in November, a day when you have the opportunity to join in the game to Give, Appreciate, and Participate with those aorund you in as many ways as you can. Doing this will generate health-boosting hormones in both you and the recipient. To find out more email
I am creating a project called " Close the GAP". This will be a National day in November where people are invited to Give, Appreciate and Participate with others where ever they are in life. GIVE a smile, a thoughtful text, a sandwich to a homeless person. Show your APPRECIATION of someone's clothing, something they did or are doing, anything. And PARTICIPATE, make connections with others, join in the game to Close the GAP. These acts of kindness generate healthy hormones and changes in your body. So you are in effect Creating Health. Keep you posted about which day it will be !
Karl/South Croydon/United Kingdom
This evening I was travelling from Leamington Spa to The University of Warwick. My mode of transport was the bus. I waited over an hour, it was 40 minutes late. When it arrived, to my horror, I found that I needed to pay with exact change. Needless to say, I did not have anything close to the exact change. Another passenger paid my £2 for me! She didn't know me, and in all likelihood she will never see me again! I am very grateful for her kindness!
Hattie/Oxford/United Kingdom
Having accidentally dropped my mobile phone in a taxi I was sure it was long gone. Having found it, however, the taxi driver not only went out of his way to contact me, but drove the 1 hour 20 minute round trip to return it, free of charge! He'd even attached a clip to make sure I couldn't lose it again! Lovely man!
My daughter's friend who was on duty as a fireman at Wimbledon saw an elderly man crying. He approached the gentleman and asked him what was wrong, after sometime the gentleman told him that this was his first visit in 35 years that he didn't have his wife with him as she had died. He was separated from his son and daughter-in-law. Paul calmed him down bought him some strawberries and Pimms and reunited him with his son, when he left them there were smiles in place of the tears!
Mark/Kings Lynn/UK
I found a wallet, with £360 cash inside. I took out the bank cards and searched for th echap using social media, phone books etc., I got in touch, he came in to collect the wallet and said "it's nice knowing there are still honest people around...". He placed a thank you in the local press. The article was mentioned to me several times at appointments by people who had read it and i'm quite sure it helped me gain business! Felt good for several days.
I have seen a man push up 3 or 4 loose grocery carts to my store as he comes to shop - every time he shops. wow@!
1. I bought cheap ice cream and set up a stand and gave it to passers by for free. 2. I bought some hardcover clearanced books at half price and i contributed them to the circulation in my town 3. I volunteered one afternoon at Habitat for Humanity. 4. I donated a bit of money to a few charities.
C/Thunder Bay/Canada
About 2 weeks ago, I was leaving Thunder Bay - I was waiting for the airport bus with an enormous pack, duffel bag, and small packpack. Carrying it all at the same time was difficult, especially because I'd recently injured some muscles in my side. It was a pretty crappy day. When the bus rolled up, I dragged all my stuff over, and then rummaged furiously for fare. A young man in a blue-and-white plaid hoodie told me to save my money, and gave the driver his bus pass. He also insisted I take his seat at the very front of the bus, which saved me having to drag all my things back through the bus. Then he disappeared into the back before I could thank him. He wasn't trying to impress friends, wasn't flirting, just wanted to help. A small but significant act. Thank-you, stranger.
I have repeatedly opened my home free of charge to help others who are struggling to get on their feet. first time in August 2011 untill december 31 2011 to 3 individuals. I provided the shelter food and electricity didno0pt charge all three occupants not a cent to reside with me until they could find work and get on their own feet. Second time january 3 untill June 1 2012 i opened my home to two more individuals no charge i covered alkl bills food electric detergents for washing clothing etc to give them time to get on feet. I am on social security disability myself
dan/quezon city/Philippinnes
Today, i tried to make one person smile by giving her nice mangoes and SB Whoopie pie...the mood did not change...but at least i saw a smile....that's good for me
dan/quezon city/Philippinnes
For the last 20 years, it has been my habit not to call it a day without making at least one (1) person happy. "the last tine am in KL, i (together with the person dear to me)went to KL Tower and invited our cab driver over nice dinner in the Tower". One time i saw an old woman selling handfans...i bought them all and send her home, and share the fans to my friends.
I took some money to old man, who can't buy any food.
I gave money to a homeless person.
I help my brother with his homework.
A few days ago I saw an old elderly couple that were having difficulties bringing in their grocery's to their apartment so me being a good person and all I helped them carry their grocery's to the apartment and helped them up the stairs. It was a good feeling, and a very good day at that.
When my friend came to his mother in other town there was noone to stay with his lovely dog, so I agreed to take Ban. One day when I was wolking with it I saw, that it doesn`t want to play with other dogs. Than i took it to animal hospital and they found a problem with lag. Then I agreed for operation and now Ban feels great. And my friend is very happy.
Always when i and my family has got clothes,what is old and we do not use it,we give it to people who need the help,who has not got much money.I think in our time many people need a help
Every Sunday mw and my parents visit orphanage and there we cook for orphans and play with them, buy for them some pens, books and stuff like that
If I and my parents can`t eat smth we give this food 2 animals,who live near my house(cats,dogs)..
Today, as I was working to work, I moved an earthworm from the sidewalk to the grass so that it wouldn't be stepped on.
I am currently doing a training which is all about how to benefit the world and everyone in it great stuff!
sending good feelings and free love for betterment of every living beings in each and every field,which is helpful to all living beings in the world,,peace and harmony:) i love this world because we live in it...:)
Juan Carlos/MTY/Mexico
le di de comer a un perro en la calle
I bought a friend, who was having a bad week, a gift card for Pret to treat herself to a pastry and coffee. I stealthly left it behind her till point at work in an envelope to discover on her break!
I paid for a stranger to park in a public car park as they had no money, and stopped them being clamped.
I'm trying to help 100 people in a life-chainging way - my project is called Help100! So far, have befriended an old person, written letters to someone in prison and funded a nursery school building in Uganda.
I serve in the Military and defend my Nation and my Brothers and Sisters in Arms. I take care of my Soldiers as if they were my own children. I serve as the example for others to follow, and work on self-improvement for myself and to serve others better everyday.
I have just got back from travelling abroad and brought a good warm blanket to take with me. On my last day, we spent some time looking for a new deserving home for it and gave it away.
I have just been travelling abroad and brought a good warm blanket to take with me. On the last day of our travels, we spent some time looking for a new deserving home for it and gave it to a lady and her daughter who worked collecting plastic bottles in a park.
I gave someone my mega rider when i no longer needed it..also someone lost £2 in the drink machine at work - i got it out and took it back to him
took a homless out for lunch that he desires and listend to his story.
baught toys for orphans and spent the day playing with them
i came home i empyted out all the clothes i dont wear and gave them to people who were cold n didnt have any clothes, if u dont know anybody who needs them give them to the salvation army.(search for the nearest one) or send them oversease to a poor country who dont often get clothes donated.
driving on the way home i called blood donations and made an appointment to go there and donated blood then went home. i went home feeling great! IT DOESNT HURT ONE BIT LOL i felt great doing it, i saved 3 lives by that one donation :D
i was walking home from asda one night and stumbled upon a senior man who was getting beat up by a young man (thug) so i ran to aid him with my shopping in hand gave him a swift right and he ran away the man i helped offered me money but i didnt take it i just picked my shopping up and walked away knowing he was safe.
I provide free family bonding activities and resources. Helping People. Helping Families.
Helped lady who was distressed as she had got herself locked out of her flat and had no money or mobile to contact her landlord. Clifford NW London
Andretta /Kennesaw/USA
Today 2/19 my friend is a actor and needed to go on a Audition. And a filming. I went to his house to give him a detox foot bath at no cost and spent the night to take him which was spur of the moment. He doesn't have a car and he needed to go to Atlanta by the dome. I believe in him and HE IS really good.
Gave a cigarette to a homeless man outside Starbucks.
colin/newton stewart/UK
yeah someone moved the paint spill that defaced the pavement on Milton road . The spillage had been done years ago but has now been cleared.
Pick up trash.
Set a tree.
Our Good Deed - We took a group men from a shelter and took them to Sunday Dinner, gave them gift bags and hats. They all had smiles on there faces and so did we!
Volunteered at my local soup kitchen washing dishes for the supper crowd.
Me and my friend were driving along when we saw a disabled person in an electric chair stuck on some ice. We stopped and helped push the chair to a dry surface.
Aaron/Raleigh/United States
I love helping people out when they did not expect it to happen for them. It's fun being a helpful person where ever I go. People thank me for being a helpful person and being kind to them.
Antonio /Raleigh/USA
When I gave people money who needed it. Then when I help this old woman who needed help. Then when i cut people grass for them.Then when i wash cars for people who needed help. Then i dont have another one.
Once I greeted a lady at the grocery store and without her asking weather or not I should pick up her grocery or not and take them to the car. I did it regardless just out of generosity.
Mackenzie and DeAndre/STFU Town/IDGAF Country
We've both visited elderly people.
Mackenzie and DeAndre/STFU Town/IDGAF Country
give to homeless. read books to sick kids. visit ederly
aljihad/raleigh/united states
helped my little brother clean his room before he got in trouble
aljihad/raleigh/united states
I helped my little brother clean his room before he would get in trouble
there was this kid getting bullied at my school and i tried to go out of my way to be extra nice to him, and stick up for him as much as possible.
Winter time came around and there was a homeless persinwho sat right outside of the gas station around the corner from my house. I gave this homeless person 7 dollars everyday out of my tips from work and this person by the end of the week they had about 50 dollars they found themselves a homeless shelter and gave the money to them so that they can stay, eat, and have an extra change of clothes for themselves. Now they are off the streets and in a shelter!
kenny/Raleigh/United States
i gave a random lady that was on the corner of Capital 10 dollars
Domenique/Raleigh/United States
I Gave 20 dollars to a homeless man while I was coming leaving the convenient store
Dante /raleigh/US
I saw a stray baby cat on the street, and i adopted ot
Eric Sims Garrett/Raleigh/NC
A good deed that I have done is working at my church. I keep the inside clean and wash the van's Till this day I still work there.
Eric Sims Garrett/Raleigh/NC
A good deed I have done started last year. I help clean up my church. I thought it would a good way of getting money. But more importantly I have the tendensy to keep things clean. Till this day, I have a job.
fed this cat
It was this stray cat that came to my house one day , it looked mal nourished , so i fed it , and ever since its been coming to my house at the same time every night. i loved that cat, i named him ,P.M. , until we moved , then i got a puppy, but i still miss my love p.m. :-)
Carlos/Raleigh/United States
once i gave a ride to a girl that i diddnt know she lived like an hour and thirty minutes away then she invited me to dinner
I saw a homeless man sitting on the ground he looked very hungry so i gave him five dollars so he could him some McDonalds.
dominique /raleigh/nc
i helped a teacher pick up her papers off the ground
I saw a stranger in a wheel chair struggling to get up a ramp. I walked up behind him and told him I was going to give him some help. While pushing his chair I noticed that he happened to be wearing my favorite cologne. It was instant karma! I complimented him on his scent and was back on my way.
Bharat Rana/leicester/United Kingdom
Whenever i go in to the city i always give a pound to big issue sellers but never take the magazine. My son has also picked up on this and does the same. He is 15 going on to gcse's!
Jessica/Auckland/New Zealand
A close friend of mine is about to travel to a remote part of India where she will spend a month working closely with children from a very poverty stricken area, teaching them photography and art. These children have no art in their curriculum at all. She is of course not getting paid for this and is creating a book with their photos and every bit of profit made will go back into the foundation that is helping to get her there in the first place. Awesome!
I asked a homeless gentleman outside Tottenham Court tube station what he would like to eat and went and fetched it for him.
Kenny/Branford/United States
I was driving down the street and came to a red light, I saw a bag of trash laying on the side of the road. So I jumped out and grabbed it... and as I was getting back into my car before the light turned, a lady rolled down her window and said,"was that yours?" I just smiled and said no, it took her a second, with a rather confused look on her face..but then I think she got it :)
stan/jemez springs/
I've paid for other diners meals at random over the past 4 years. I just select a family or a couple or friends dining together, request that the wait staff give me their bill for me to pay. I must say that I've raised eyebrows almost every time. I insist that it be anonymous. I started this because no matter how much money someone else has this is an act of random kindness.
II baked a pie for my friend because she wasn't feeling too well.
When I went to my Doctors this week, I made a conscientious effort to take a moment to ask my GP how they were. Actually, he seemed to be feeling unappreciated by lots of his patients, who expected him to be a miracle worker. I went back later and left an anonymous box of cupcakes for him and his colleagues.
I am very proud of my 7th grade religion group..they did the following this week.... 1. good citizen 2. helpful to classmates 3. volunteered at gymnastics meet 4. volunteered at Christmas party 5. raked neighbors leaves
My good deed was helping my father rake our elderly neighbor's lawn.
Jessica/Edinburgh/United Kingdom
I went to Peru in 2009 and 2010 as part of a work group to help build part of a school and accommodation for orphans. The same trip we went to a shanty town to hand out free water. It was such an amazing experience :).
II met this un emplyed single dad with a 2 yr old boy a little before thanksgiving and they didn't had any I went shopping for food and donated it to them, so they both could have a great made me feel so good helping.
Dear People at GoodDeeds, I have started a project with the goal of inspiring more good deeds. I am trying to make a reusable gift card that gives kindness instead of stuff. An enclosed log chronicles its travels.
I have started recycling. I have put it off for a very long time but have now organised my kitchen with a cupboard with compartments so I can recycle almost everything.
Rachel/Seoul/South Korea
Helped a visually impaired man navigate his way to the boarding platform in a subway station and onto his train.
Patrice Johnson/Country Club Hills/United States
Today I donated $50 to the American Diabetes Association and signed up for a 5K fundraising walk with a goal to raise $1200 additional dollars!
C/Chicago Area/United States
Went to my Doctor today and spent a few minutes asking how HE was doing. His fight against cancer months ago left him with a huge weight loss and difficult speech. It occurred to me that he listens to others ailments all day and few really want to listen to how he is doing. He really appreciated it.
C/Chicago Area/United States
Created a 30 Day "Act Generously" game - to do one good deed a day.
Ryan/Santa Barbara/USA
Raised money for a really young girl with leukemia, and im going to get a test (which is just a swab of the mouth) to see if i could be a bone marrow transplant.
C/Chicago Area/United States
Explained to a woman at a restaurant that her purse was at high risk of theft.
Olivia /Brighton/England
I dropped £1 on the floor, but left it there for someone to find as a suprise.
Brett/Cleveland/United States
I found a Siamese cat and rescued it!
Marcus/Post Falls/USA
There was a woman outside Walmart holding two infants. It was cold, pouring down rain and she was locked out of her car with no money for a locksmith. I used a coat hanger to unlock the car while another person sheltered her infants in their warm vehicle. =]
IDonated own clothes and gathered clothes from friends and family to give to charity
holly/columbus oh/USA
tonight I was at COSI and a little girl was having a seizure. I am a nurse and helped the little through it and helped her mother to stay calm. I stayed with them until the girl came out of the seizure and reassured her mother she was ok and until the squad arrived...
Jen/Hoffman Estates/USA
Helped an older lady to her car and unpacked her groceries for her. then took her cart back.
Jen/Hoffman Estates/USA
There is a grocery store that only takes cash or debit. The lady in front of me didn't know and was going to have to put her milk and bread back because she only had a credit card. I paid for her groceries. It was cheap and no big deal to me. I was surprised how much she thanked me! It should happen more often to people :)
I brought an anonymous muffin for my colleague on their last day at work.
Ray/Grand Rapids/USA
My author and I Dr. Shellie Hipsky have a new book out that is giving 25% of profits at benchmarks to the featured charities in the book. The book is sharing 12 Ordinary People who have done the Extraordnary to make a positive difference in our world. We hope to put our book in the hands of over 100,000 souls to inspire them to never give up...Never give in. To overcome, the challenges we all face day to day. The guests in the book are all beautiful Ordinary People and we hope you consider our book a good deed! Cheers, Ray Leonard and Dr. Shellie Hipsky.
navjot/castle hill/Australia
bpught two people lunch for free
Ryan/Santa Barbara/USA
I let a pregnant women go in front of me in line even though my hands where filled, and could barely hold on to what i had. Helped another lady with directions cause she seemed lost so i asked her if she was lost and she said yes! and she thanked me(I think she was having a little breakdown until i talked to her and cheered her up)
Ryan/Santa Barbara/USA
I picked up a older woman's cane when she dropped it at the grocery store.
Ryan/Santa Barbara/USA
Helped some tourists find there way when they where driving the wrong way because the highway was closed down due to a huge car crash. They were already about 20 minutes on a road that dead ends in another 30 minutes in the mountains. I had them follow me and brought them into town.
IAs my sibling and his family are low on cash right now and unable to treat themselves very often I succesfully convinced him that I had received 2-4-1 offers at our favourite pizza place. I was ordering so he may as well have the free food. When in actual fact I had paid full price for everything. so I collected the food from the restaurant and then drove it to his home, a large pizza, fries and cokes, so Him his kid and his Lady could chill out and not have to cook. He'd never have accepted if he didnt think it was free so I had to bend the truth alittle, but it still feels good. Tasty too. Much love.
II walked a freshman friend at my high school to the nurse's office because she did not know where it was located. I also gave a compliment to the man at the cash register when I went to dinner at "Pat and Oscars".
After reading a CNN report on the struggles of children during the famine in Africa, I posted a new status on facebook reading the following: To all my friends and loved ones....if you just enjoyed a tasty lunch today, I challenge you to make a donation to the red cross to help those in need in Africa. The status started a chain reaction and friends were soon donating to the charity and expressing how great it felt to give. Amazing good deeds spread like wildfire. Love it!
i few months ago my daughters and i were driving down a street in london ontario, where we live. we can to a very large and busy intersection and we were going left. i there were some people crossing and so i stopped and waited. when suddenly my 17 year old daughter said 'mom, mom look' what had her so excited was that this lady in her mid 20s to mid 30s was crossing with some grocery bags in her hand. she some how dropped one and her groceries were falling and rolling all over the crossing area of the street. some guy about her age two cars down waiting for the light to change got out of his car and helped her pick everything up and helped her cross the street with all her groceries. both my daughters left that area thinking that he was a hero.
While paying a bill at a place of business, this wonderful elderly lady approached me for directions to an address. Her son had been killed in a drunk driving accident. Instead of providing directions, I asked her to follow me to the address (as she was not from this area). I took her to the address via many construction reroutes. She told me "may God bless you in all ways!" That was great.
I gave my air conditioning unit I had in storage to a family with a newborn who could not afford to buy one.
I know a man in Georgia that discovered an older couple that was living out of their car. She has only half of her teeth, he has parkinsons disease, she has to help him with every step he takes...May bestow blessings upon Ken, for he is paying for a motel room to get them out of the heat until they can find some sort of housing for them.
I cleaned the apartment, and the exxpressomachine, so that my husband does not have to do anything but to rest.
Amanda/Hagerstown/United States
So I have been working on this project called 5 Pennies a Day - where I do 5 intentional acts of kindness and then journal about it on a blog.
chris/east maling/England
i ironed ALL of my flat mates shirts this eve and made him some dinner for when he finished work.
Leo/Little Corn Island/Nicaragua
I took a bag with half a year of saved up plastic trash with me off the island (in my suitcase) to the mainland, where they have a proper dumpster and where the recyclables will actually reach a recycling plant.
My sister gave water and rice to a tied unkempt dog whose owners had been away on a the bargain she got bitten by the aggressive dog and was given injections tooo.......but that has not stopped her relentless spirit and she feeds him daily
i saw a blind woman at abus stop gettign wet in a rain, I approached her took her below a tree, waited till she gets her bus and during that i missed my bus too...but i ensured she gets her bus.....felt very happy doing that.......
A Facebook group was posting pics of lost items/pics from a tornado. One girl lost everything and her mom had a heart attack. I managed to find their address and sent them a check. She was incredibly grateful and she found me on Facebook. It's amazing how small deeds can inspire hope.
Hi. We're Cathy and Dave. We've been married over 21 years now. We've wanted children every day we've been married. We've been working toward adopting our first child for seven years now. This passed Christmas we had a chance to host Georgiy, a young boy from Ukraine looking for a forever family. He loves soccer, gymnastics, karate and playing guitar. We've been praying for a blessing like Georgiy. Now we're praying for a blessing to bring him home. We've cut down our expenses, started a number of fundraising projects and we are now halfway toward our goal.
Today I saw something spectacular, I was walking along the road when I saw a men living on the street, he was not begging for money, nor we he requesting. I should not of expected him to, however I was stereoptyping. A little child walked passed the man with his parents when the child dropped his toy, it began to cry, the parents kept pulling on the child, and the toy was left. The man grabed the toy, left all his belongings and followed this family, he had to sprint to keep up with them, and finally he reached them. He gave the child it's toy and it began to smile. The parents were rude and pushed the man away. The man did not get angry, he simply stood there and waved the little boy goodbye. Then, he walked away with a smile upon his face. He helped someone.
I just want to say that doing a good deed is a very good thing and whoever is doing one is doing a wonderful thing (positive comment-good deed)
I was in London waiting for a tube. A lady with a young toddler and a baby in a pushchair was getting off when one of the wheels got stuck between the gap of the tube and platform. Everyone just stood there or tried to push past her to try and get on the train. I pushed through the people and picked up the toddler leaving the lady free to unwedge the pushchair. She was quite shaken up so I walked with her all the way to where she was going, which was only about 5 minutes from the tube station.
I donated my baby's clothing to the local Hogar del Divino Niño - an orphanage. It felt good and I want to do more. I am inspired by the goals of this website and want to achieve a good deed a day for the next year so your ideas are a big help.
J/Big bad city/USA
for about two years after a scary incident directed towards me and mine, I became sensitive to crimes occurring. I intervened in about 100 crimes. And the more I saw, the more I was able to see before they happened. Nothing supernatural just keen eyesight and reading of a scene. Never was thanked, never needed it. But if you do good, it doesn't go unrewarded.
I gave blood today.
Travelled to Barcelona from Dublin with someone that was having surgery.
I traveled to Barcelona early this month with Someone that I only knew about 3 weeks. who is a transexual who was having significan surgery and he was going alone. I thought it was very sad for him to be embarking on the start of his journey alone, so I got a loan and arranged to go with him. It was a lovely, special time and I am really glad I was able to go with him.
Anthony/Costa Mesa/United States
Went into work early today and held the door for someone
Suzanne/West Chester/USA
I baked cookies the weekend before Valentine's Day, and then visited with people who live alone, delivering a plate of homemade cookies.
Collected used batteries from my neighbors for recycling. Got to know them better and helped the environment. Double bonus! Booya! Follow my 1-year A Deed A Day challenge
Kimberly/Atlanta/United States
I look forward to sharing the good news of my healing with the community. I’m committed to helping cardiac patients & their families cope with the recovery process. I enjoy serving the community.
I went in the chemist for my lazy friend's prescription,helped an old lady who dropped her hand bag and lent my sister 13 pounds who happened to be in there at the same time when her card got declined! This is a lovely web site keep up the good work everyone xxx
i would like tothank the Lever family. I have been friends of the family for a year now but never met them.I made plans to meet them this past xmas. when i arrived inAmsterdam as part of the flight pan, I collapsed and suffered a severe stroke. After10 days in the hospital thwre I was released and the family invitwed me to theire home to recover. They make sure I take my meds and prepare my meals and everything. They have been great and have helped me beyond what most would.
chris/east maling/England
im going to my neices wedding and i am going to stay at the hotel she is getting married in the night before so IF she needs help OR her partner im there x
I did a good deed to myself.....As i have a tendency to think I am always correct and the world has done bad to me..For a change i looked into myself with a different perspective and realised so many mistakes committed by me due to which i was really suffering....I am now on the path of changing myself ...Thanks to the Good deed organisation, after doing few good deeds i as a person am changing!!!!
i have been daily spending Rs20/- on stray dogs near my house....yesterday i purchased laddoos worth Rs.40/- for them, But on the way i found a sick looking beggar lady with a kid and gave 2 laddoos to them. more than them it brightened my day!
I have inquired about sponsorship for an orphan,clothes etc....Very soon i will be having a privilege of being a guardian of an orphan kid.
i am daily on the way back home buying Marie biscuits for 3 stray dogs and also making sure that i share with them anything else that i norrmally eat.....It gives me immense pleasure to feed that they have a care taker and provider for them...
I left my seat to give it to a man carrying a young kid ,standing in a bus.Felt really good to see him smile with gratitude.
On new year , i had brought Indian sweets(GulaabJammoon)...I made sure I shared it with Stray dogs who ate it with so much delight. Since that day I have made sure I carry a bag of glucose biscuits daily on the way back home to feed the hungry stray dogs....
We're having a drought here, so we leave containers of water and vegetable scraps out for the local bandicoots so that they don't try to get into the local pools.
I opened a new website and wrote my knowledge free.
I saw my friend, who I would like to spent romantic days with, just he seemed not interested, was in trouble. My another friend (a girl) (I am girl too) was very shy, and tried flirting with him a little agressively, and waiting for his answer. He seemed quiete disturbed, and tried to make a good-friend-relationship-picture between them. It was examination time period. I knew what to do. I helpd the girl how to speak for him. Than he gave the answer I was waiting for: I know it is a good dead. He can relax now and study hard, like she. She is still nervous, its difficult, but my eyes on them.
passed a car at the side of the road, felt bad, turned around and went back. a woman with her child had ran out of petrol, drove her 8 miles to the nearest petrol station and back, her debit card was declined for the fuel so i paid and told her it was a xmas present. put the petrol in her car and made sure she got off okay. it feels good, need to do this moe often.
passed a car at the side of the road, felt bad, turned around and went back. a woman with her child had ran out of petrol, drove her 8 miles to the nearest petrol station and back, her debit card was declined for the fuel so i paid and told her it was a xmas present. put the petrol in her car and made sure she got off okay. it feels good, need to do this moe often.
Respect others.
Creation of the blog- Promote good deeds."
My deed is my neighbour moved towns and they left there dog there stranded and lonely it howls trying to find their owners. So i took it upon my self to go and feed the animal and care for it and give it some TLC then i went and called the RSPCA when i knew it was safe.
Today I, along with my hubby helped a woman push her car to the side of the road as she couldn't drive the car in the snow. I ? AG
ijn the snow I have left out seeds for the birds
I helped someone carry their suitcases onto the streetcar.
I helped carry a friend's groceries today! =D
one day i seen an old lady on the floor,when i aproached she had a cut face,so i helped her up she told me she sliped,so i asked her where do she live,she told me her adress and i walked her home on the way to her house i was reasureing her everything is going to be ok,i called at her neighbours house who she told me she was friendly with and they took care of her from thier.
I gave my students an extra few minutes break time to help them start thinking about the idea of doing good deeds for others
For Kindness Day UK today, I helped an elderly man to pin a poppy onto his lapel.
I borrowed some gorgeous dresses from a lovely colleague who kindly lent them to me; I gave her a bunch of flowers to say thanks and she was really touched. It made my day and I'm sure it made hers too.
In this cold Michigan winter, I saw a cleaning man on the street on U of M campus helped to lift a bike on the floor to the right position. I think this small deed showed this little man's big heart. He may not earn too much money but he deserves our big respect!
I decided to make a website for promoting good deeds among Chinese internet users. I have thus far gathered a group of Chinese graduate student here at University of Michigan to develop the website. I would also imaging potential collaboration with this website!
I helped a woman of 85 by going to her house to give her a massage which helped straighten her back and give her a pain free day
I gave a one and a half hour massage to a young man who has panic attacks and anxiety
I stopped an elderly man in the street who was walking hand in hand with his wife..he had an oxygen tank on his back and a tube of oxygen into his nose. I stopped to chat and told him how great and brave he was and wished him a wonderful day.
I heard about a teenager who gave his seat up on the bus for an elderly lady. His action was rewarded by an audible "ahhh" from his fellow passengers. I know the gesture made him feel good too.
there was this 3 month old kitten that was wondering around my work. we took it in for the night, and in the morning took it to the shelter. the people who owned it called us and were furious that we took it in. same thing happened the next night. took the cat back to them. they were awful people... told them they needed collar on the cat and to lookafter him before letting him back out. next night it happened again, so i came in to work and got the cat. took it home, and gave it to a friend. he is now over 1 year old, and very happy.
Page/Grand Junction/USA
Tonight I went to Sonic because I just didn't feel like cooking and while ordering I noticed a guy at one of the far stations ordering. He wasn't in a car, his only possessions seemed to be those in his backpack and he had a dog with him, they seemed to rely on each for much more than normal between man and dog. I bought their meal, at the time I didn't realize how little it was, otherwise I would have bought them as many as possible.
Raising awareness and funds for Dementia UK with the ultimate goal of employing an Admiral Nurse in Hertfordshire to assist those carers looking after loved ones with Dementia by organising several events through the year to raise money. This year the total to date is £11,500. A charity auction is being arranged for 26 November to hopefully meet our target of £15,000 for 2010.
I found a lost dog and rang the owner and then took the dog home to them
I lost a bit from my phone and hadn't got a receipt.I went back to the shop fully expecting to have to pay but the guy went and searched out back and found me one that had been returned and gave it to me free.Thanks.I went straight out and helped a homeless person.
Cal/South Florida/USA
I would like to dedicate this week to Joseph. He is one of my website customers who carries an intelligent mind and he is also an amazing family man. I had no where to stay and he let me stay at his house for a while until I got on my feet, and also helped me out when i really needed it. He is a good man. Good Deeds go unpunished. This is dedicated to my good friend who believes in me as I do in him.
A community based volunteer organization that provides a caring heart to the growing number of senior citizens in and around your community. The foundation provides non medical home care and companionship, light house keeping, painting, shopping, errands and most importantly a caring heart and even a listening ear. We never bill our clients we do get and take donations in the form of furniture, walkers, canes, grabbers, briefs anything an older persona may need. We then redistribute those items free of charge. With community based funds raising we never have to collect from our clients, considering medicare and most insurance do not cover home companionship. Our most recent good deed came when a 70 year old cancer patient was in need of a computer to communicate with family around the country and her being forced to pay $300.00 dollars out of pocket we raised $175.00
Ashleigh /Mclean/USA
yesterday my son jimmy saw his best friends brake his toy and started crying he give him his toy and told him to keep it. i rewared him with day out and Six Flags and icecream. i shows me that i thought my child right. :D
My brother Andrew has decided to put himself through an incredible test of pain and endurance to raise money for a cancer charity. He hasn't cycled since childhood in the 90s, but this September is cycling by himself to our Mum's house in Yorkshire - from his new home in Gibraltar! Our Mum suffered from breast cancer a few years ago but has now thankfully recovered. She is so proud of him and I can't help but admire Andrew's incredible attempt, dreamt up entirely by himself and at some personal expense. It will be 2500 Kilometres (1560 miles) and there's no guarantee he’ll be successful. It's so selfless and, to use his words, will "benefit the heroic sufferers and those researching a cure".
I have a neighbor that is a single mom. I usually clear my neighbor's driveways with my tractor in the off chance we get some snow during the winter. This past winter while plowing I noticed this neighbor's drive had a massive pot hole, big enough to swallow a VW. I guess it had been this way a long time. Once spring arrived and her drive had a chance to dry I used my backhoe, borrowed gravel from around my shop so I could fill the holes and level her drive. She seemed very happy for the help.
I was on a bus one morning on the way to work, two scruffy likely looking lads in their late teens got on. They had no money and pleaded for a free ride. They were shaking with the cold. I got up to pay their fares and realised I didn't have enough cash, being £1 short. The driver wouldn't accept anything but full fares, then another passenger got up and gave the £1 needed to pay their full fares. It doesn't harm to do teenagers a good turn, it may influence them in some small way to believing there is some kindness in a busy city.
Ever considered becoming a foster carer? It's been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done and my whole family has gained so much from the experience. Of course, it has some 'interesting moments' but that all fades away when you see the long term impact you have on these kids lives. New carers are always needed, for respite breaks and befriending as well as full time care. Helping change a child's future for the better is an amazing experience, please consider it if you can :)
Gave dinner to homeless man.
I found a football in a car park and wondered where it had come from.I noticed a school quite a way off.So I took the football and threw it over the fence of the playground hoping it was theirs and if not put to good use.There were lots of kids in the schoolground and they all unanimously shouted ou Thank cool
My 51 year old brother died suddenly and unexpectedly (heart attack) in January. One day in March, I received a cheerful bouquet of flowers from a group of friends;one of them had carefully read his obituary and thoughtfully suggested that they wait to send flowers until his birthday. The flowers were a lovely gesture and I will never forget their thoughtfulness!
sandy kantilal/johannesburg/south africa
This is a letter my son Sachin Kantilal wrote to his maths teacher because she showed compassion and care! He is ADHD and feels that he is useless but was bowled over that a teacher actually cares for him!
michelle/austin/United States
The homeless that volunter those that have homes .
Some shopping carts were all over the parking lot at Vons today, so I just figured I would help whose ever job that was, so I pushed a few carts that were surely lost to where they belonged.
I am a teacher, yesterday I saw a student help a younger child
Kimberly Khan/Killeen Texas/USA
Today is mother's day and I was at the deli meeting a friend for lunch with our young children because both our husbands are in Iraq. When a women came up and paid for all seven lunch's My friend and I were so touched we both began to cry. It made me realize there is alot of good still left in this world.
My friend flew all the way from New York to surprise our mutual friend for her leaving party. Great friend!!!
Alan/Cape Coral/USA
We all can do a good deed to help children less fortunate with art supply. There is someone that created something for us to vote on, the more we vote for it, we can help them get art supply. I think this is great.
Darice/Des Moines/
I had an old car that I was going to sell. A pregnant student of mine told me her husband had a car accident and totaled his car. And, he was offered a job and needed transportation. I gave them my car. I am not rich, but it just made sense. I have never given away anything that big. It felt great!
Rebecca/Lake Worth/United States
As I was driving home, I saw a white van in the far right lane swerving slightly. I thought “OK, maybe he’s not paying attention.” Suddenly he’s swerving recklessly. I watched him and thought “Oh great this guy’s drunk!” As I watched him hit the curb 3 times I called my mom and to inform her that I was calling the cops. I told the lady who answered what happen and she's asked questions. I sadly said I didn’t his license # but it was a white van and said where it was parked. So I told mom where guy was and she went over there and saw a cop and paramedic… She asked what happened, saying her daughter called the guy in The cop responded “He has diabetes” and went to the hospital Mom told me “You saved his life” more info later
blake/auckland/new zealand
i controlled my anger and dident hit this person that was hitting me and smiled at them politely.
I have been a prefect for my school. I'll try my best to do well in my duties and stop bad things from happening
I am a camp leader in my school-South View Primary School.I have already lead 1 of the 2 cmps in my school.
ethan jones/las lagas/USA
saved a dog from the pound
A young mother of 7 children was recently widowed. She had neglected her own needs to care for her children and was in dire need of dental treatment. A doctor in North Richland Hills, Texas generously donated 100% of her treatment for a grand total of almost $20,000. Simply Amazing.
In honor of my late Aunt Janet, who unbeknownst to the entire family, had helped countless of homeless people in North Vancouver. Her kindness came to light during her best friend's eulogy at her funeral: She would arrive at her work at a charity shop an hour early each day to serve coffee to the homeless, exchange their dirty clothes for fresh laundered ones (she would then launder their clothes later and return them to the owners next day), and let them have a wash in the restroom. We, her family, had no idea of her secret life helping those in need --only her best friend knew of her altruism and shared it with us after she passed on. We all miss her. God bless you Aunt Janet.
Justin/Medicine Hat /Canada
Happened to have two used vehicles and instead of selling the second I found a refugee guy at Church and gave it to him. Some even said he didn't deserve it or others thought I was 'scamming', but, the guy had nothing and it probably put him 5 years further in his new life. Only problem is he keeps hugging me like mad every time I see him. I might have gotten 2,000 for it (a lot of money for me) but the giveaway was worth infinitely more than the cash. 'Secret Millionaire' inspired me. I like to think of myself as the 'Secret Thousandaire' now hehe! (Plotting my own next episode soon.. will update you guys and love seeing yours!)
stop bully someone and stared to be nice to gim it was worth it and i mean it!!
My best friend just became a Franciscan Friar and they must follow their Bishop whereever he goes; in this case to Indiana. I am not a deeply religous fellow,and we used to bonk heads over religion sometimes, but his Brotherhood had a farewell party and mass for friends and family.I went to mass and the party, and told him how much I will miss him. It meant a lot to the both of us that we got to see eachother for the last time. But the real good deed was committed by my Aunt/Guardian who drove over 6 hours total that day for me and another one of my friends to see him, She also cooked food for the potluck supper. She is a selfless woman.
nadine/Petts Wood/UK
I helped the in-laws buy a laptop. I am going round there when it arrives to teach them how to use a computer. They have not used one before! Wish me luck!!
nadine/Petts Wood/UK
I helped an old lady get up out of her seat on the trian when it was her stop. She almost didn't make it off in time!
somebody I know is not feeling good about themselves for no reason so I have written a list of positive things about them and I am going to make sure I say all the positive things in general conversation and hope this helps chear them up a bit
Had a friend that was playing cards but he could not keep the money he won. We persuaded him to give it to us so we could make good use of it. This christmas just gone we found 4 people who really needed it and gave them an envelope each with money in. One guy was homeless anothere was a couple who were finding times hard as we had seen them struggling just to get by. They were stangers to us but we had noticed them in the local community. The others were people we knew who were going through hard times we posted the envelopes and marked them from santa so they would not know who they were from. We are now putting money of our own towards a secret santa for every year from now on.
Today I helped an old lady cross the street.
I was at the game store today and this kid who couldn't have been older than 9 with his younger sister was a dollar short for his games. I threw a dollar on the ground, tapped him on the shoulder, said "Hey this is your lucky day somebody dropped a dollar. Looks like it's yours." He was all "COOL! :D". I know how it feels to be a dollar short at that age, it's embarrassing.
Today when I go shopping in Woolworth, I show a man who had a handful of grocery where the basket is. He is very happy and thank me for that. I am thrilled.
Someone shared with me this great website. Thank you :-)
The other day I was shopping for some towels when I notice an elderly lady struggling to grap some towels from the top shelf. Because she was short it was a real struggle for her. I walked over to her and ask her if I can help her and I took some towels down for her. She smiled and thanked me and that made my day.
We went round from house to house encouraging people that we visited help the needy in our community. The response was unexpectedly encouraging.
I gave a hungry homeless man my last bit of money so he could eat and I almost missed my train as he was lonely and wanted to tell me his life story.
kirsten/stilwell/United States
Me and my friend Alyx was walking down the street one day and we saw this girl who didn't have a lot of money or even a steady house. We asked her where she was going and she said she would know when she got there. So, Alyx asked do you have a home and the girl replied no not really my mom and step-dad are always fightng. Anyways we took this girl home with us. Gave her goog clothes and food to eat. Soon she became like a sister and she told that she was pregnant with her step-dads baby. He had raped her. We helped her with that baby and we still do. I love them both to death and without them I wouldn't know what it was like to love someone you barely know. We are all still really extremely tight and alaways will be!!!
David/Raleigh/North America
My school was selling school t-shirts and we could only buy and the end of school, my friend ask me to buy her shirt because she didnt wanna miss her bus, so i said yes and she gave the money so she wouldn't miss it and while i was waiting in line another ask me to buy his because he didn't wanna mis his bus either, so i said yes and that was my good deed by helping them to make sure theyh got home.
Since the devastating earthquake in Haiti, I've been making a donation a day to various organizations working to alleviate the suffering. I'm not rich, and my donations are small, but instead of buying my lunch at a restaurant, or splurging on stuff I don't need, I'm sending my money to people who need it way more than I do. Tomorrow, skip lunch or your morning latte and send the money you would have spent on that to a charity helping the Haitians.
Today, I was grabbing some items for lunch in a grocery store, and when I approached the check-out line, the woman ahead of me let me go ahead of her. She noticed that I was dressed for work and assumed I only had a short lunch break. She was right!
When I was in 5th grade I caught a serious disease that infected my bloodstream I went to the doctors and they prescribed me some strong antibiotics but when we got to the pharamacy the perscriptions cost over $150. My mother could not afford them. So we walk out with my mother in tears and I desperately need the medications or I'll end up in the hospital. But a lady walks out of the pharmacy and asks does your son need the medicine? she says yes and the lady gives my mother $200 and walks off. That lady basically saved my life.
Daneya /Raleigh/
me and my family always are taking in strays seems like we dont ever find them they always seem to find and follow us we take them in wash them first,feed them nurture them and eventually we do find a good home for the animal with one of our friends or a very good animal shelter
Raleigh/United States
When my friends or any body dont have any money for lunch ill pay for their lunch. So they wont go hungry.
shaquan/raleigh/United States
im always wiling to give and a helping hand to those who need it i give advice to my peers to lift them up when there having a bad day or feeling down.
i dont liter!! at all.. ever :)
my grandmother recently passed away and i couldnt sleep and my friend stayed up all night to make sure that i was okay
One day i was at home and i was watching a movie and in the middle of the movie my cousin came and wanted to play games, so i let him play it.
I let my friend who was kicked out live with me for a good couple of months. even though we bump heads all of the time.
I gave my sister boyfriend 5 dollars for gas because his tank was on E!!!!!
alyce/raleigh /wake
my friends mother didnt have no money around christmas so i gathered up my christmas money and took her to different stores in the malll and brought her things she needed so she coul have some new stuff for when she goes back to school.
I helped 2 of my friends out while they were under the influence, they kept throwing up and acting crazy and we had no ride home so i provided them with a ride home in the middle of the night.
Ron/Raleigh/North Carolina
I helped my nephew and his little friend with their homework. : ))
Ambur/Raleigh/United States
When my friends dont have money to pay for lunch or dont have anything to eat I will buy their lunch for them. So they wont go hungry.
haquan/raleigh/United States
im always lending a help and hand im always giving advice to my peers when their feeling dwon or having a bad day.
One day i was at home and i was watching a movie and in the middle of the movie my cousin came and wanted to play games, so i let him play it.
Brittany /Raleigh/US
last week i helped my friend study for her test and everyday after that i stayed on her about studying and she took her test yesterday and she got a 95 on it
when my aunt was sick i helped here with anything she asked me to do. I helped her wash cook and many other things.
Britt/Raleigh/North Carolina
I'm in high school, and when ever i see a special kids, i speak to them. Sometimes i notice how other kids just stare at them or ignore them. I think to myself about how i would feel if i was in their situation. So i speak to them when I see them and they smile and be surprised that i spoke to them. It makes me feel good that I made their day.
A good deed that I have done is I've drove my dad home from work when he was sick.
when my dad hurt his legs at work and he couldn't walk I made him food and did whatever he needed me to do for him.
when my dad hurt his legs at work and he couldn't walk I made him food and did whatever he needed me to do for him.
Emmii/clayton/United States
There's a homeless man that's always standing with his pet dog on a street corner. Today it was particularly cold and rainy. So instead of giving him my usual $5, I bought him a nice jacket and a good over jacket for his dog. He's a war veteran, and a good man...
zach /Raleigh/
I was at a gas station and an older lady was two dallors short. So i went ahead and gave her the money.
Calvin /Raleigh/USA
I made a class mate a card hoping she had a good day.
raleigh/United States
I payed for my friend to get into a football game, and also bought her a class shirt
Dai/gibsonwille/United States
I invited my friend to the movie yesterday so that we could have a chance to bond more....
tasha/raleigh/United States
worked a friends shift, she was sick at work so i took her place.
Janicqua /raleigh/
My good deed was for my sister my mom gave us $150 for christmas that was for my school stuff. So my sister and I went to the mall to gget some last minute things. So I offered to buy her something which I never do. I thought I would buy her something for a change because she is always buying for me.
One time I helped an old woman by opening the door for here at a store. I don't remember what store it was.
i recycle bottles cans paper an cardbord that gets picked up eveery friday an can be reused for many thing an it helps save vauluble things nessesary in the enviroment.
Janicqua /raleigh/
My good deed was for my sister my mom gave us $150 for christmas that was for my school stuff. So my sister and I went to the mall to gget some last minute things. So I offered to buy her something which I never do. I thought I would buy her something for a change because she is always buying for me.
Off the Book *Stargirl* I`m doing 5 different good deeds for the person that sits next to me. Here is the list of good deeds below. 1.Tell my partner one thing that I admire about him. 2.Walk him to the next class 3.Make them a note and put it on there desk. 4.Find there favorite candy then bring it to class 5. Come up with a creative way to be kind.
I found a dollar that had writing on it saying that I should pass it on to someone homeless. A few weeks later I still had the dollar and ended up giving it to a homeless woman on the street. I'm hoping whoever else got it passes it on.
Alexis/Raleigh/United States
At school i joined this group called The Up Lifting Program/S.T.R.E.N.G.T.H. We tutor people in school on any subject. We take time out of our lunch to tutor them the whole hour or as long as they need.
A good deed I did was gave my friend the last little bit of cash in my pocket. I gave him the money so he could could get gas just to get home. And I also did it because I did not want him to be stranded.
Stephen /Raleigh/USA
a good deed I did was show my father how to uise a graphing calculator.
a man dropped his wallet down the street from his house i found it and i retured it to him
One day my sister had to go to work and she had no gas!! I gave her some money to get gas. I was happy to know she made it there and back safely!
james/the R/NC
i was about to walk to the chinese store and get me some food..and on my way i seen my cousin and he is a bum so i told him to walk with me and i bout him some food also
Quentin/Raleigh/North Carolina
I give a homeless man a dollar everytime i see one . I feel that they might do the right thing and spend it on something worthwhile .
On Sunday, my friend wanted to go to the church but she didn't have a ride there. Even I live far away from her, but i came to pick her up.
Zee /Raleigh/US
I helped a Friend out today. She didn't have any lunch money. So I gave her $9.00 so she could eat something before we to class.
So, I was at the grocery store. I was leaving and a woman stopped me and asked if her and her husband could get a ride to a bank not too far away. I had to think about it only because I am a woman by myself. The wind chills are in negative numbers so this swayed me to say yes. I got them where they needed to go. And her husband got his medication. As we were talking about there situation in life I realized how blessed I am to have a healthy family and a warm home. I have so many things that other people do w/ out and I am very thankful.
MY heart is open to giving...... smiling.....loving my beautiful family..being a vegan....and laughing alot!!!
Lu Ann/Cleveland/USA
My daughter and I were going to Dollywood for the last day of the season. We drove 2.5 hours to the park to find out I left my wallet at home. No money, no credit cards, no ID. The employees of the park, Lindsey, Elaine and Uncle Joe provided us with entrance to the park, lunch and dinner. Wow!
I was at the casino by myself on New Years Eve, midnight came around and I was stood up by my friend. I was feeling sad and upset that I didn't get to ring in the new year with anyone so I decided to get up and leave. I was so upset that I didn't realize that I had left my wallet on the chair I was sitting on. I took about 7 steps when I heard a female voice say, "Excuse me, ma'am?". I turned to look and the couple sitting across from me handed me my wallet. I was so relieved and happy to know that there are good people left. My night could have ended up worse if they just wanted to keep my wallet, but that couple made me very happy by being honest. Thank you!
Muriel/Saint John/Canada
I was in Florida visiting my cousin, and had just left to drive to the airport. I wanted to send her flowers to thank her for the visit, and stopped at a donut shop looking for a pay phone. The young man behind the counter said there was no pay phone, but that I could borrow his Blackberry to make the call. I was so thankful to him, and thought that he was so generous for lending me his Blackberry!
Hofit/Los Angeles/USA
I just started a blog where for 365 days I have to give back to earth in any way possible. I will post everyday in the hopes of helping to inspire anyone to do better
gabrielle/oaklyn/United States
my cousin and i were at he local Walgreens to get a perscription filled from his recent hospital visit. He doesn't have insurance and i just barely had the money for it so we were only going to pick up half of it. The man on the other side of the counter over heard and offered to buy the whole script for my cousin. It cost $52. It was the nicest thing ever!
It was freezing this morning, I was wearing two tops and two jackets and I was still cold. I passed a homeless man selling the big issue and thought 'He must be freezing, and he doesn't have a warm place to go to.' So I stopped by a cafe and bought him a cup of tea, he was very pleased with it.
Helped a new friend with computer software problem.
Sabrina/on the move/USA
Sabrina/on the move/USA
Trash... is everywhere...pick it up every chance I get even if it means putting it in my vehicle (on floor) until I get to trash can or in the back of my truck, if it won't blow out. Regardless of science in global warming etc... it is just good stewardship~
Sabrina/on the move/USA
Feed the strays on my street... a man moved out of his house & let out several cats who had never been on the street... Last year I caught 3 spayed/nuetered them & let them go again, turned out one belonged to a neighbor down the street, one I never saw again & one came back a month later & has now been with me almost 2 years... Great Cat Oscar
Sabrina/on the move/USA
Mentor young people of all ages to reach for their goals & facilitate as much as possible the resources to enable them to do so.
I sent this website to friends in Italy, Canada and the US. I have asked them to join me in performing 3 good deeds every day in 2010.
As a university professor I gave all my students an instructional CD at the final exam for relaxation/meditation. My hope is that they will feel better by practicing meditation and then will be calmer, nicer people to others.
I helped my friend get home late at night.
Alethea/Torii Station/Japan
Not long ago, while on shift, I noticed a couple getting out of their car with flashlights. It was pretty late at night (12330ish). After inquiring as to what they were doing, I found out they decided to take a walk on the perimeter. I let the other two patrols know they were out and about, and we watched after them to ensure someone knew where they were at all times, in the event they might get hurt we could respond. Fortunately, nothing happened and they had a nice walk. They thanked us later for looking out.
Alethea/Torii Station/Japan
There was a soldier that came through my gate and had lost his wallet, he was in a frenzy because he didn't know how he was going to get on base. His tab was $30, he only had $20, which would not have been a problem, had the cabbie actually brought him to our post first (instead he took him to the Air Force base by accident :/). Since he couldn't pull any cash from the ATM, I helped him pay the rest of the tab.
Alethea/Torii Station/Japan
I am an MP that works shifts, it was raining one day. As I do not have a car it was rather difficult to find a way down to the PMO so that I wouldn't get poured down on. So, my patrol suit offered to pick me up from my barracks to give me a ride to work.
Helped blind person along the Finchley Road, to Sainsbury's Supermarket at the O2 Centre, London
I went to the Mother Theresa orphanage in India and spent the day playing with the kids. The kids were so happy and playful even though they barely have anything. Donated some cash as well to give one of them a decent meal.
My friend wasn't feeling well and she vomited when we were out in public so I took her to the bathroom and helped clean it off her clothes.
Sometimes if I see stray cats lurking outside of my building I'll buy some cat food and give them a meal for the day.
Alethea/Torii Station/Japan
Today is Thanksgiving in Okinawa. I am very blessed to have good friends, and I was reminded today of this. I and my fiance could not make it to the Thanksgiving dinner at our friends house(he was working and I have no car)so they brought Thanksgiving to Torii so we could share a meal amongst friends. They even made a plate for the Desk Sergeant on shift ^^.
I wanted everyone to know that I am so thankful to be employed by two wonderful people who is giving away two free nights and admission to a cocktail party at their Hotel. It is called Hotel for the Holiday's. This is FOR the unemployed and we all know someone.
Me and some friends of mine has started an organisation. Our target is to make people happy and are doing daily quests for that reason. We also handed out over 1000 lollipops with personal messages to people a few weeks ago and are going to Lithuania December 18 with a truck of clothes and are giving them to the poorest orphanage we found. Makes us all very happy.
i have been involved in red cross activites where sensitized the youht,groups how to avoid accccidents,how to protect the environment.
i have been also involved my the red cross activities where we take its activities to the people to change various things themselves , how to avoid accidents and to protect the environment by not being destructive on it.
i have been actively involved in changing the hearts of my fellow youth through the red cross club of my institution making them to be self conscious about their neighbors who are not doing well so that to offer to their friends the little they have even if it can only change somebody's life just for the day.
I help poors!
I always spread foods and seeds on the terrace so that birds can eat it!
Today I gave my seat up for someone on the tube who looked especially flustered and was carrying lots of heavy bags.
Having a heart of voluntary work has inspired me to go and teach in the Sunday school where where i share a lot of good time with these kids doing physicals,and sharing reading with them.
where im working as a volunteer i decided to buy tins of paint for my school where i discovered that the classroom needed some renovation through some painting.
A week ago i went to the Hospital to see how the condition of my brother was, in the near by bed next to where my brother was lieing i discovered that he had an accident with a broken leg and there was no one to nurse him up and even to give him what to eat or his daily survival and i was touched and moved by the conditions under which this gentleman was living where i ended up giving him the best could at that moment by extending a hand of help and a few shillings i had.
Mr Sangster/Southampton/United Kingdom
I have introduced this website to my students so they will be inspired to perform good deeds of their own.
I am at the library in Austin Texas and a deaf woman said she dropped thirty dollars out of her pocket when she went to pay for her faxes. She was adamant that she had dropped it and someone took it. A nice man came over to the clerk and reported that he had knowledge of another woman claiming that the money was hers but it was not. Anyway the money was gone with the person who claimed it was theirs. Along comes another gentleman asking what happened and after he hears the entire story, he pulls out thirty dollars and hands it to the poor deaf woman. He did it out of the goodness of his heart. That man deserves to be applauded!
I had a feral cat trapped, spayed and released . That was 2 years ago. She now lets me pet her and comes to the front door for food at times. She won't come in but sits on the windowsill looking in at my 4 beautiful adult cats of many colors- from her litter -
I used to write to sick children, help out with student surveys and do many more purposeful things that I could do in my spare time at home. This led me to create the Help From Home initiative which I now try to devote as much of my spare time to, as it tries to encourage people to volunteer their time from the comfort of their own home to perform good deeds that benefit worthy causes. This to me is very rewarding, knowing that people are potentially helping others through the suggestions / actions listed on Help From Home.
An elderly woman was having car trouble at a very busy intersection in town. I pulled into a near-by parking lot and pushed her out of the road. She used her cell phone to call for further help.
Sonji/Manassas/United States
A Co-worker came to me needing a place to stay for herself and her girlfriend. Two days turned into two weeks and then they left in a huff complaining that I was making them uncomfortable. My heart is hurt because I truly tried to help. I do feel we are indeed one. Hopefully this experience will not jade me moving forward against helping others.
My uncle was asked to fill a very important office in lodge today. I had to work, but it was very important to him that his nephew saw him conduct the meeting. My job had to get done, but a person I know, that needs money, visited my work place. After making a deal with him, I clocked out, paid him out of my pocket, and went to see my uncle at lodge. Yes, I paid him well more than I make per hour. The guy that did my job, my uncle, and my boss all benefited from the transaction. We all did really.
We went to the fall festival at my kindergarten's school. They sold tickets for games and prizes. At leaving we had several dollars worth of unspent tickets. I gave them to a stranger (for her kids).
Robert/West Pittsburg/USA
On June 20th, 2007 I donated a kidney to a stranger. I met the stranger 2 days after my surgery.
went out of my way to big someone out
Calista/Stephenville TX/USA
As a college student, my schedule is a bit insane. But in spite of that, I'm always trying to do whatever I can to help people. Recently, It's been running the dishwasher for my roommates and I. We are so busy that we don't always have time to do our dishes. SO maybe this one little thing has helped make their day a little easier.
Alethea/Torii Station/Japan
Many people think that us Military Police are all out to get you. Yesterday, while on patrol, SGT Lipinski and I had a traffic stop of an individual who was speeding down a hill, did not stop at a stop sign and did not put on his turn signal. When we caught up to him, we discovered he had mechanical failure. Instead of issuing a ticket, SGT Lipinski and I helped this individual move his vehicle into a parking space.
My University is trying very hard to become more eco conscious. The frustrating part of this is that the majority of the student body doesn't really care. How do I know? They just randomly drop their trash wherever they please, not caring that it presents a bad image about the school and their attitudes about the environment. I have recently began going around and picking up trash I see. It surprises me how much ends up close to the garbage can, but not actually in it. SO, I pick whatever i see and put it in the garbage. Have a little respect for your school and your environment :)
Always try collect the people because union is strength.
Huong/San Jose Ca/USA
i saw a homeless person with a sign asking for money, people normally give spare change, i gave him $20. It made my day to know he will at least get a good dinner of it.
In the past four weeks I've donated over 100 books, five bags of clothing, three bags of bed linen, and two bags of toys to local charities. I also donate money to the Children's Hospital charity every time I do my grocery shopping, purchase fund-raising items for every cause I come across, and generally try to do something every day to help someone, somewhere :)
I'm apart of a school club, called Interact, which is a volunteer organization I've been constantly amazed at the amount of giving when it comes to volunteering. I see people offering to help other volunteers during the process. Every event, our volunteers spend at least an hour if not more, to fund-raise for local, national, and international causes.
my volunteering effort has changed life around me and for the my friends whom i give my the areas of English teaching and computer skills for most learners, who have come to appreciate beyond my expectations.
my sister is one of the greatest roll models to me where she sacrificed dearly for my education up to where i am today even if had her children to pay school fees for, she made sure that i was the first priority to pay for.
I have sensitizing the youth through the red cross national branch of my District to stay safe by using condoms and abstinence. To all people of the good deeds i miss you all in my absence when i was down,but all in all i encourage all of you to go on with the good deeds.
i saw someone clearing odd rubbish off the beach that other people had left and thought this was great.On the way back I saw two hitchhikers and gave them a lift
everything gonna be ok,if we have positive thinking for all
last week afriend of my was going to sleep hunger when he approached me with his problem i did not hesitate to give the little i had.
today i was involed in omputer lessons as usual on voluntary basis for i encourage others also to find to give back to their communities and also make a diference where they come from for will bring ever lasting happiness to their lives for looking for hapiness let them give it a try and see,for me i believe it is a requirement for one to be happy he or she needs to see his/her friends to be happy so this will come naturally in life.
Recently i organised the club members sensitised about our environment where by there droughts almost every where in Africa today and even some other parts of the world so i tought them how to make simple solar cookit boxes which i learnt from the Rotary international which came and organaised a workshop in my former school 3years ago.
Recently through the red cross club we did thact of charity to an elderly woman who living nearby our school for she was seek for member of this club brought such information where by responded as a club by buying 2kgs of sugar and two sackets of table salt and some small amount of money for assistance.
last week over the weekend when i was travelling to the village,in the bus which i used entered an elderly old man where the bus was full to the capacity in that no seat was left, from the town it was around 3km and my consience told me the old man could travel the whole journey while standing despite his i decided to leave my seat for him and stood for almost the rest of the journey.
Through the red cross club of my school, i organised the club members so that we could remove the gabage around the school and the nearby market.
Doing the acts of charity to others can really change our lives and people who recieve such services,when i give help financially or in terms of service my life normally doesn't remain the let us keep the move.
I have been involved in teaching adult learners take lessons in English for the last one month now which i will volunteer to teach upto december, my reason to volunteer is to do the act of service to the people who need it the most and i also believe in servive above self,for this makes me happy and also other people happy,for i want see other people also happy too.
there are so many street children in this town where i come from and they really need attention but no body seems to care for this cildren,i normally give a few of them a few shillings i have to enable them buy what to eat for their daily living, i wish other people around could this and take concern and also the world at large.
Today i taught computer basics to adult learners in the morning and after break, i taught english to adult learners and this is what i do every day monday-friday and feel it is good to back to the people /community what they deserve get but they can not some times have it just because they don't have the opportunity to.
At the institution where i was pursuing a diploma in information technology,i went back to teach computer basics to students and adults who come to study and also i teach adult basic literacy programe to adult learners who want to know english, so i felt that i should go back and teach voluntarily since this is my passion to help people. so i have two classes everyday, one in the morning and the other after break, this is done between my schedule of work where by i work in shifts;day, evening,and night,weekly monday to friday.a week when am working night and evening , am normally volunteering at school teaching and organising books in the library and over the weekends when am off i go again, to do the cleanings of computers mainly on saturdays.
i inspired the students of our institute to take an initiative so as to plant trees so as to save the environment around our institute and also around the local areas. i also help senile people almost everyday around me by fetcing water for them and also giving them small amount of money to their, so that they can use for buying food and this makes them as well as i am happy too.
I saw a man sleeping on a park bench who looked very old and unkept and put some money in his pocket for when he woke up
I throw all my rubbish in the bin now!
I took lots of clothes to st lukes hospice i hope that this helps people in someway.
I took a guy called Carl from London to Birmingham last night arriving at 3:30am so he didn't have to sleep rough. He had missed the last train, had no money as he'd been mugged. Be generous to others.
Be helped to others, no matter how small the thing is, is a good deed.
david/Gold Coast/Australia
I was travelling through and my tooth broke.Went to dentist who repaired it but would not charge because I was a visitor and he wanted me just to have a good holiday and pass on the good deed.Wow
I help my brother to make a life changing decision.
It was a good deed done for me. I had taken my three young children with to get groceries, my son is a newborn and my other two are a toddler and a seven year old. I was trying to bag my groceries and calm down my son who was crying uncontrollable and to keep my toddler calmed down too. A lady walked by and stopped and offered to help. It was a small act of kindness but she didnt know how much it meant to me, to be shown kindess when I was totally overwhelmed and feeling alone.
Our neighbor always mows are side of the lawn for us, i live in a side by side so our front yard is really small and i always feel bad that they do it for and im always too embarrased to be seen mowing a lawn let along someone elses. So yeah today i mowed his side of the lawn even though it took forever cause i kept running inside the house cause there door was opened and i was freaked out that might be watching me so yeah thats my good deed for the day small ut whatev....Yay
I ordered a veggie burger instead of a beef one.
When I went outside to the mailbox, I was flagged down by 3 people in a car. They were looking for a street and I knew how to get there, but it was hard to communicate directions because they were deaf. I motioned for the driver to park the car and wait. I went online and printed out the directions. There must have been a reason for us to meet because my street is about 3 miles away from their destination. I don't know how they found me or how they knew I would help them.
Robin/Los Angeles/
I purchased lunch for a homeless person.
cindy/rancho cucamonga/United States
I adopted a dog from a local shelter who was going to be put to sleep.
Poh/Teck Whye/Singapore
I helped my friend up when my friend fell down and hurt his ankle
Rebecca/Ayer Rajah/Singapore
I volunteered in a homework guidance program for kids from needy families and gave a class today.
thanked the vendor for giving me food as I bought it.
I removed a poison hemlock plant from the main landscaping of a new condo. I noticed the plant on a walk the night before, went back the next day, contacted the sales office, and offered to remove the plant immediately for free. New poison hemlocks may sprout in their landscaping, but now the office and residents are on the lookout.
I spent 2 hours of my time cleaning our church with a group of ladies.
Jay/Staten Island/NY
I saved what was left of my breakfast, hash browns and an un eaten bagel. A homeless man asked me for money and I told him I could give him food. He smiled and I handed him my food and my water bottle. He smiled and thanked me.
I disposed all my litter in the refuse chute today. i did not throw even a paper ball on the ground.
In the last view days I have been encouraging/urging a group of family and friends to spread love and not hate to everyone regardless of their origins, race, religion or whatever their differences are, and to promote peace to the world. It's a tough job given the inter-racial and inter-faith confliccts lately. But it's all worth it.
i help my friends who are in need.
Since january i work on a project to help people. I will travel my country by volunteer everywhere and collect funds for organization in need. In the same time i creat promotional cards. On those cards you can read one good deed a day. You have 3 tickets on the card. Every time i help someone after that they have to help someone else. To track them i start a website. So yeah thats my goog deed of the year ;)
The other day I was doing the shopping, I saw a man at the entrance in poor conditions, looking so poor,just there standing and not even asking for anything When I went out I gave him 2 cups of chocolate cream, it cost me nothing compared to what I earn the smile he gave was such a gift for me I know I could have been him please do the same,food is the basic thing everyone should have Ced
Dan/Rochester Hills/America
I suffer from a stroke and am in a nursing home temporaryly in Michigan. And I try daily to do something good for someone less fortunite than me.
We plow in Alaska and I told my husband I was going to change our company name to Good Karma plowing, because he can't leave the house without stopping to pull someone out of the ditch or help with a broke down car. And he always refuses anything in return.
My father has coached the local school's swim team for 20 years, out of the goodness of his heart. He has been like a father to many of the kids in the team, being much more than a coach. He retired recently, and the amount of people who have mentioned his kindness to me is innumberable.
My friend moved to New York recently and had lots of clothes and shoes etc. that she didn't need to take with her. She donated them all to charity. My other friend and I dropped it off at a charity shop for her.
I put the TV on mute when my mum picked up the phone.
Dirk Schrauwen/KnokkeHeist/Belgium
I surf every day on a website where people request a blessing... I send a blessing to them or a positive uplifting message etc. It's very powerful!!!
I folded my flatmates washing for her.
i know this girl who is very poor.she couldnt even afford new shoes, her shoes were held together with tape and the bottom of her shoes were made from rubber off of old bike tires.she doesnt have a lot of things so one day with the help of some friends i put together a fund raiser to go to needy kids.we raised over 500 i took the money in an envelope and put it in her mailbox with no name on it.the next monday at school i saw the girl with new shoes,clothes and a new backpack!this made me feel really good about myself and i am always glad to help out!
a few weeks ago i was down state looking for a dress for a graduation party and so was my little sister and we both found dresses then,my sister had a fake pearl necklace and said "my necklace looks good with this" and the lady at the store said"no you dont have any thing with pearls on your dress" then she went off and got my sister a different necklace and when my dad asked how much it cost she told him "dont worry about it".
Tania/Johannesburg/South Africa
There's a blind man who begs with his son at an intersection near my favourite shops. Usually I just give him small change but yesterday I felt so for them that I gave them food and colddrink - hope it made them happy and filled their empty stomachs...
undisclosed/name/great britain
my friend at university was getting sad that no one had sent her mail, everyone was getting letters, cards etc, and i felt bad when i was so happy in front of her because i'd gotten letters from friends. so that night i went on my computer, wrote her a letter and found pictures loads of things that would make her happy. printed it out, put in an envelope, luckily her surname is the same as mine, so we share the same letter postbox, i put it in there and waited for her to check her mail, when she did, you could see in her eyes just how happy it made her. so now i endeavor to do one good thing for one person every day so hopefully i can make everyone i know happy.
My son Daren ran to a unoccupied moving truck heading towards oncoming covoy of vehicles. He was able to steer vehicle away from the vehicles, however was unable to stop the vehicle. The vehicle exploded upon impact killing my son. He paid it forward by doing the right thing. To continue his kindness I created "Pay it Forward" cards which I distribute upon a random act of kindness. I request that 2 random acts be done in memory of my son. It is very uplifting to other and to my broken heart. I hope to keep alive his memory by creating a ripple of kindness.
A decade ago when i was withdrawing money at bank counter the cashier by mistake gave me 15,000 instead of 8,000. I took the amount and went to home. Giving all the money to my mother i told how i got the excess amount. Instantly she gave back the extra money and asked me to return it to the cashier as it is his whole month salary. i did and the cashier was very happy.
This lady together with her sisterinlaw, organised a rally in London to protest against the daily abuse of strays in Turkey. This originated from Didim in Turkey, where they have holiday homes, and became involved with the Didim Friends of Animals local charity, who work to help neuter all the street dogs to eventually curb the indiscriminate breeding. The rally became big news and culminated in 16 countries around the world protesting on World Animal Day, 4th October 2008. Well done Avril and Bev.
I made a film for an environmental festival which promotes 'green media'. We made the film with the smallest 'carbon footprint' we could manage.
I was in a large grocery store and a woman I'd never met told me she loved the dress I was wesring and asked where I bought it. I told her I bought it out of state. She told me she had been in a horrific car accident a year earlier and after a year of PT she was finally able to look for work. My dress was exactly the style she was looking for to wear to job interviews. I told her to follow me home. She waited in the driveway while I went into my house to change my clothes. I gave her the dress. I hope the dress gave her the confidence she needed when she went on interviews.
Lorie/Quezon City/Philippines
Giving forgiveness to people who hurt you and they don't even admit it is something really worth praising.
Rick/Warsaw/United States
of America I teach elementary school. I have created an web-based collaborative project called The Book of Many Kindnesses. Students discover, record, and share acts of kindess to family, neighbors, communities, animals and environment. More than 130 children from three schools and two countries have joined in the first week.
Dan/Creve Coeur/United States
Of America Me And My Family Raised Money For a charity, We raised $50.
My dad was preaching in an old church, one winter night after church he heard a noise up under the church, the church had a underside to it that you could crawl under. He went out and look and there was a man freezing under the building. He gave him his coat and bought him a cup of coffee and gave him money to get home.
Jon Anne/Lexington/US
15 years ago, I was unmarried, pregnant, exhausted, broke and scared. I went to an inexpensive Chinese restaurant for dinner. A man and woman I didn't know paid for my dinner and left without saying a word. I had been sitting there feeling lost and alone. Their action connected me to the human race again.
My husband had taken some College courses last year and a friend of ours was starting College this year and didn't have the money to get a couple of books she needed, he gave her all of his books from last year and told her to sell them back to the college and buy the books she needed. She was able to get the books she needed.
Yesterday I Went Out of my way to pack myself a garbage free lunch
when i was 15, i changed my paraplegic sister's dressings daily. she had signed herself out of hospital, when they said they had to cut off her leg. a year later, a research hospital took her in and saved her leg through an experimental method they developed just for her. she died later from cancer. now i have it. some day, we'll be together in the same place.
some time ago my mother told me of good deeds she does when she's at work .she has been a cashier at a local grocerie store for more than twenty five years ,and on more than one occasion someone will come through her till with their groceries and have to discard some items because of lack of funds. they'll tell her to leave out an item or two so that they can afford the balance . and nodding her head in agreement my mother (the angel), will ,(without anyone knowing )place the items in the bottom of the bags regardless . paying for the items herself after the customer has left her till.she is an inspiration to me , and when my faith in people is in question i need only remember her acts of selfless generosity . i was the only one she told of her good deeds
I commit to random acts of kindness everyday. Most acts do not involve money just sincerity. Just like crime breeds more crime, kindness breeds more kindness. Sometimes just helping to to lift someones poor attitude can keep that persons negativity from spreading.
Eva/Kaitaia/New Zealand
A couple of weeks ago I was part of a group visiting the States for a Worlds Event. We came into contact with a local who invited our group to his home for a barbeque and swim. We had never laid eyes on this person before and yet he treated us like kings and queens. He opened his home and his heart to our group and we so thankful and absolutely amazed at the kindness he showed us. We exchanged gifts with him, yarned with him, met his family and friends and spent a few wonderful hours at his home. He came to watch our group compete and win Gold and Silver. I personally have never met a total stranger who was so caring, fun loving and sincere as this person. I wish him only the best because he deserves it.
My sister is running a fundraiser film night for a friend of ours who needs assistance with her medical bills. The response has been amazing, from people who live right around the world, and she has already had to hire a bigger cinema! It's really pointed out to me how lovely people can be and how much one little action can make a massive difference in someone elses life.
My wonderful friend tattie has taken a huge weight off my shoulders by offering to sell my festival ticket on the internet for me as I just can't figure it out.... Fantatsic, wonderful, glorious friend of mine...what would I do without you. xx
One day i was on a tea stall in ahemedabad and there was a old men and woman come to me and says that we are come from the vilage area and some steal our luggege and money i had give them 100 ruppes for ticket and help them to choose right bus to go back to home.
A friend gave me without even asking it ever returned one hundred dollars towards my rent for my kids
On Monday, July 21 at about 2:45 p.m. I was driving on Memorial Drive east bound going to a new job. As I got to the intersection of 4th St., my car died. I was in the left travel lane. Because my car did not have any power, I was unable to put on my four way flashers. Many motorists beeped and swore at me. Eventually a kind man stopped his car and asked if he could help. He pushed my car out of the line of traffic. I did not have a chance to learn his name, but to the gentleman in the burgundy SUV, many thanks! I truly appreciated your help!
I have started carrying bottled water in my vehicle. Whenever I am stopped by road construction, by a flag person holding a stop sign, I offer them a bottle of water. I know they get a lot of grumbling for doing their job, so I always hope a little gesture like that will make a difference in their day.
I live bit farther from my work place about 40 Kilometers away, oneday as i was hurrying to my work i had noticed that it rained all night and the weather was simply devine, while i was on a high way on my bike i had noticed an old man crawlling by the road and raising his hand for help whenever a vehicle passes by... so did i notice and gone by my way.... after i traveld bit further i realized that somehtings not correct he can't be begging for money in a place like this where there's no village / people, considering my thought i took the u turn and when saw this man from close i realized that he had soaked in the rain all night and that all his knee - palms have been rubbed deep in peeling out his skin so i had's....happy
Stacy/South Jersey/USA
While on a high school senior class trip to Florida, I found a class ring. I didn't look at it closely until I got home. I noticed a high school and a name written on the ring. I searched the school name and realized it was in Florida (I live in NJ). I tried to find a way to get the ring back to the owner, but nothing worked. One day, I searched her name on facebook, and asked if she lost a ring at Grad Night 2007. She did. After a year and hundreds of miles, she finally received her class ring back.
My cousin was recently hospitalized for several days. Her two teenage sons were cared for by one of her close friends who took them to her house, fed and nourished them and provided a stable environment for two weeks while their Mom was hospitalized.
Since writing about a good deed several months ago I have been on the lookout for more good deeds. I have seen none until last week when my wife and I were in Paris. We had to take the Metro between train stations. There were numerous stairs to climb and my wife has a very bad back and could not carry her case. I could only handle one case and could be of no help. Out of the blue a man appeared and took her bag and helped her up the stairs. Not just one staircase but seven staircases. He walked behind her and when she needed help he was there to help. We deeply appreciated his help. It was a very GOOD DEED We do not speak French and so we hope he understood are grateful thanks.
I donated flowers from my garden to an elderly community. The establishment does not have the funds to buy flowers yet many residents want to have a garden. I gave them mine.
Marine Commedation Medal presented to Captain Kevin S. Langley for Meritorious Service while serving in Iraq. Driving from I MEF to Ad Diwaniyah, Iraq, Capt Langley witnessed a yound Iraqi boy struck by an Iraqi vehicle. Acting quickly he assisted the boy's father in basic lifesaving measures, and loaded the boy into his vehicle. He safely transported the injured boy to the surgical team where the boy underwent serveral hours of surgery. Capt Langley's swift actions helped to save the injured boy's life and certianly contributed to improved relations with the local Iraqi community. Captain Langley's initiative, perservance and total dedication to duty reflected great credit upon him and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.
N/San Fernando/Trinidad
A young lady came to my church for the first time. She is pregnant and the daddy left her. She did not have anything or knew where she was going to get the things for her baby. A special offering was collected to assist her. I recently had a baby, at the time of my pregnancy my husband lost his job so I knew exactly how she was feeling. In light of this, I made a commitment to her on that day to get everything that she would need for her baby. I am so pleased to tell you that I have fulfilled that commitment. At the time I was not sure how I would do it, but when put yourself in another person's shoe and truly understand the road they are walking, it gives you the will to help and a way is made.
I gave a homeless lady my leftover pasta when she approached my outside table looking hungry.
Elizabeth /Chesham/United Kingdom
Last night, June 21 2008, 1,350 women of all ages and abilities walked 13 miles overnight in the dark and driving rain to raise over £165,896.00 for the local hospice,. 90 volunteers administered the event working from 9pm Saturday 21 to Sunday 22 6am. A very moving good deed for all who took part.
I happened to travel by an Auto 3 weeks back in Dindigul- Tamilnadu. I didnot have change for Rs.100, Auto driver helped me to get the change and droped me. After half an hour the auto driver came back and asked me to my surprise whether I have missed anything. I said no and asked him whether I have missed anything,he took out my purse which had Rs.10,000 and 3 Credit Cards worth Rs. 1lakh. He did not want anything- he was so humble and sincierly said it was his responsibility to take care of the passengers with more responsiblity. He also shared that duty, descipline and dignity was his motivation. This incident helped me change my attitudes of Auto Drivers and many of them are very good friends. I belive they are key ambassadors to any cities/state/ country.
I saw someone working in a shop and they looked worn out and depressed so I bought them a bar of chocolate to cheer them up I didn't know them and they were very surprised but immediately cheered up!
Gladys/Oroquieta City/Philippines
I sent an " I LOVE YOU" message to my little girl.
Gladys/Oroquieta City/Philippines
I always helped my friend who is financially handicapped especially when her child got sick through prayers and financial assistance.
I have watched a girl that has downsydrown. I enjoyed it very much because her father need me to watch her while he was at work and I enjoyed it and it was very good thing for me do for him while he was at work.
Special thanks to my parents, friends, church members and neighbors who have been helping me since I broke my foot. They have been my cooks, housekeepers, drivers and errand runners. Thank You.
Janet/Anna Maria/USA
Two people I slightly know wanted to come down here for a vacation, so I invited them to stay at my place at no charge so they could have their vacation.
There is a family in my neibourhood the mother in the family had no job. Neither did the father. They had two kids. They had bearly any money to buy groceries for the family. My mother heard that they could not pay the bill at the butcher. So, my Mom paid the bill and went to the supermarket and bought them a few food vouchers to buy groceries with. She put it in an envelope and put it in there postbox without a name.
thanks to all who helped may 31 when the person in the pt crusor pulled out of the grocery parking lot too quick for my husband to stop he laid his motorcyle down and suffered 12 stiches and lots of pain. thanks all of you who tried to get the license plate number and get help for my husband and getting something to cover up his bleeding arm.
Dirk /Knokke/Belgium
I want to thank my doctors who've been taken care of me the last months. They listened to me with compassionate and empathic love!
My older neighbor had a dangerous pine tree cut down in his front yard. He could not afford to have the company haul it away. My husband and I drove our pick-up over when he was gone and hauled it off for him.
Holly /Barnet/
I held a birthday party for one of my best friends this weekend. British gold medallist for the Paralympics... He is an amazing person and thoroughly deserved the attention!! x
Last night I was travelling out to a campsite in outer London, I arrived at the train station to find there were no taxis and no cash machine working. A kind couple overheard my situation and offered to drive me there themselves and did, right to the front gate!!
Other day I was on way to office. At one turning point, an vehicle from the opposite direction wanted to turn right but no vehilcle from my side was allowing him to cross the road to turn right. It was a rush hour and the traffic was moving very slow.The strech of less than half KM took me 20 minutes to reach the point where vehicle wanting to turn right was strandered.I immediately stopped and allowed the vehicle to take right turn. The person behind the wheel was so impressed by the gesture that he waved to me and gave a flying kiss. I hope helping others not only makes you happy but inspires others also to help others.
I was heading out of my local ice cream parlour when I noticed a homeless guy rummaging through the bin outside (eating scraps). My children could not believe what they were whitnessing. I walked over to the fellow and handed him some money. He could not look at me, but thanked me graciously. He then hurridly went inside the ice cream parlour & brought himself something descent to eat. I felt wonderful for days after this incident occured & so did my children.
My neighbours had a house warming party on the weekend. I took out all of their recycling for them in the morning and sorted it into the right bins.
My Love for people out ways my pockets, in my heart i believe that we as people should help anyone in need,i have a homeless person thats been living with me for five years. i treat him just like his family, and just this mothers day he told me that i treat him better then his own husband and i love as our family,
Erik/Eau Claire/USA
My Mother, Linda has been teaching special education music in Wisconsin now for 3 years. I have since graduated from high school at the same school and am now a graduate of Psychology at University and have seen vast changes in the behavioral interactions between the students. My mother, honestly has changed the way students interact with the special needs of the high school. From past fear of special needs students, now the high school has lost all fear of special needs students and now the halls of the High school have a non-fearful set of students responding with positive interactions with special students each day with personal willingness & fulfillment. Couldn't submit my own words although I would love to share my knowledge through my Mothers teachings to others humbly. I am college educated & ready to learn, live, and help
i talked my friend who is younger than me out of suicide. i am happy i was able to do that.
A lovely man (called Kelly) walked me all the way home with his brolly from the train station the other evening because it was raining and I didn't have an umbrella.
My friend recently moved home and after that had a baby. She didn't have a car and the new house is far from the nearest bus stop. She could not go out with her baby, husband and mum, during the nigh because could be dangerous. She started to be depressive and Me, my husband and a couple of friends decided to give then a new car. I just felt really happy for then!
I do a massage to my sister whenever i see she's tired and whenever i want to express my affection for her.
A man in is 20s did some work around my home for me. He has three kids and no steady job. What ever he charges me for his work I will add on a good amount more. This brings such joy to him. It also brings great joy to me.
150 students had two weeks to perform or observe random acts of kindness. We are creating a wall with all the deeds done. Big and small they all make the world a better place. Young people need to understand that they can make a difference in the world. Surrondings are what we make it so we might as well change the world in a positive way.
Malvinder Singh/Patiala/India
In the early morning today i.e. on 22-4-2008 on the ocassion of earth Day celebrations, I organized a rally of school children at my city named Patiala in the State of Punjab, India and inspired them to help reducing the carbon dioxide levels by planting more and more trees in their areas. I also inspired them that when you celebrate your birthdays, give a sapling as a return gift to your friend whom you have invited for the celebrations.
We adopted a rescued baby bear(from poachers) as a gift to my son on his birthday.We also funded a penguin's nest on Dyer Island SOuth Africa last year.I regularly support animal welfare petitions
saw a starving and neglegted bear at a private zoo in Bosnia. He alerted a local animal protection groups which got into contact with the association, who organised the transport of the bear to a suitable enclosure where he will be well fed and have bear company. The bear survived due to local, who fed him a loaf of bread every day – all he could afford.
I give monthly and once-off donations to Animal Charities. I write letters to authorities to ask them to please end bear farming, and try to make as many people as possible aware of bear farming in the hope that it will be ended.
Ruud/Vaassen/The Netherlands
Their the strawberry-butterfly in our country is on the red-list. We have made a part of the wood in our national park 'The Hoge Veluwe' even. So we have given the 'Strawberry-butterfly' a chance to lay their eggs and hopefully survive. We are a group of pensioner-volunteers.
I give everyday biscuits and water to two street dogs in my area.They thank me by coming back of me wherever i go.they bark at those who hurt me.I really love them.They make me feel as i am not alone in this world.
My good deed was doing something positive to honor my Mom's life. In turn, I received an outpouring of support from my friends and family - I am in awe of people's kindness and generosity!
In Hong Kong recently, I was trying to buy a ticket at the train station and the machine wasn't accepting my notes. A nice stranger bought my ticket for me and said it was his present to me.
I walked out of the grocery store with my groceries, noticed a lady walk past with armful of groceries also. I noticed after I put all my groceries in my car, she was still walking in the parking lot looking for her car. She had forgotton where she parked it. Or her memory was failing her. Irrevelant, at that time I went over to this elderly lady, asked if I can help her. She said she could not find her car. I noticed she had an automatic lock on her keys and we together walked through the parking lot hitting her automatic lock which makes your car honk once and the lights go off and on, and we found her car. She looked so frightened when she was lost in the parking lot. She was so thankful for the helped.
I cook meals through my church. It is called Aid for Friends. Housebound seniors get home cooked meals. It is easy, when I cook for my family any extras, I give in containers provided by aid for friends and bring it to my church and they distribute it to them. I feel good knowing I helped someone who may or can not be able to do it for themselves.
Today I made my first donation to save the planet. I plant some baby tree in Kalimantan Forest. Hope I can plant more and more baby tree in the future.
Sam/Iowa City/USA
I said I love you.
Sue/Randburg/South Africa
I gave a stranger and her small daughter a lift
Roxana/San Juan/Puerto Rico
I live in Puerto Rico where the stray population is uncontrolled. After rescueing 17 animals, I realized that I could not bring home every hungry animal I saw on the roads so I packed a care bundle. Food and water for the encountered strays. I don't know where their meals will come from (ifany) in the future, but I make sure that when I leave, they are well fed and drink clean water for that day. Sadly I walk away...The picture is of three of my "gang". They are safe and happy, playing as a family in their tpack...
Stacey/Owings Mills/USA
I created my website to spreak for those who can't. My website provides valuable information to the public and educates them about animal cruelty, animal suffering and environmental concerns. Though my website, people can make a difference for the better. I feel that my website is very informative, unique and interesting.
Stanford/Johannesburg/South Africa
I baked a cake and took a piece to my new neighbours
My friend is so passionate about helping the disabled. She works with them and says that she would pay people to do what she does it makes her that happy.
My mum feeds stray cats, has gotten some desexed, put those suffering down, and gotten homes for many of them. Using her own money and time without complaint.
emma/butuan ity/Philippines
always inspire a person of whoever he or she is.
i treat animals as how i treat human race...we are actually in no-difference mode except we're on a higher scientific ranking.
I let a woman go ahead of me during a terrible wait at the doctor's ofice.
I am proud that my husband took on coaching our son's little league baseball team....all the other the teams were full and there were going to be some unhappy kids if this team had not come together. I admire anyone that can improve a child's quality of life:).
I fostered several special needs childern. They got the love and care they so deserved and I recieved unconditional love back. I`d do it again in a heartbeat.
Kathleen /Harveys Lake/USA
My friend who live nexted door to me was in her late 70's I always keep her spirits up because she was alone after losing her husband . She developed serious problems in the circulation in her legs . Well both legs were taken off through the first operation and second I was their to cheer her on I would go where ever she was to cheer her today she in a assisted living home which is beautiful and she happy .I go to her every birthday and holiday to cheer her .she is now 82 and still going strong I still go see her. she tells me all the time without me she would have not made this journey It warm my heart to know I was their to help So any one who is reading this please always help the next person it means so much
I LOVE to return grocery baskets left in the parking lot...sometimes I even ask a person..." I would love to take your basket for you!" They always act surprised!!!
Stayed after my netball game, on a freezing cold winter night, to fill in for a team whose players were running late.
Helped an elderly man use an ATM machine to get some money out.
mashankar Mukherjee/Calcutta/India
I have done a free camp for diabetes patients in my city in Kolkata from my own savings and build up a patient community. The seminar was conducted with teaching meditation for destress,diabetic foot check up,individual consultation and diabetic eye examination and diet and nutrition advise by a qualified nutritionist absolouty free of cost.Kolkata the city I live in is having the largest number of diabetes patient including me with little up to the mark all round treatment.
I put an ad in local bullitin to obtain newborn clothing for a woman who had nothing and now she is going to get some baby clothes.
helped poor
Terry/Richmond Hill/Canada
For almost 20 years I have been providing monthly financial support to children in Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, as well as a clean water project. The funds go to community improvement such as wells and schools. It is worth every penny!
Terry/Richmond Hill/Canada
Several years ago I was walking home and desperately struggling to balance a large number of grocery bags. A stranger washing his car stopped what he was doing to drive me home!
Terry/Richmond Hill/Canada
When my father passsed away I donated my entire share of the inheritance ($30,000) to research in the disease which killed (Huntington's)
Terry/Richmond Hill/Canada
I adopted a 7 year old abused, one-eyed beagle who had been taken away from his owners by the Cruelty Inspectors. He has brought such joy into my life I would do it again in a minute.
My brother found a lost duckling in the middle of a stormy night. Braving the rain he searched for the mother duck, unable to find her, he made a bed for the duckling and feed her through the night. When the duckling was strong enough he set her free. Although she was completely free and able to fend for herself, she kept coming back to our house to see my brother - she even brought her ducklings back!!
My friend had a weekend off but worked for someone so that person could go to a funeral.
i am on a commitee to help widows,disabled and old aged from below poverty line families.most of them are also illiterate. i help them at a center from the all sides required so that they can get help.
sajid/rajan pur/pakistan
i made an ngo to help the poors & needy
Mary/Odessa Florida/United States
Leigha/Harrison/United States
I made sure a close friend had a wedding ring to wear when she sadly lost hers.
I paid my sister's overdue cellphone bill.
Toni/Chattanooga/United States
I made a difference for a child in Africa today and will continue to feed/cloth/provide medical care and education monthly; as well as correspond and uplift.
Toni/Chattanooga/United States
My close friend Leigha chooses to empower and inspire others rather than judge or ignore.
i have started a trust for the elementary level children. my aim is to take perivate tution for the needy poor children to score high marks for 50 villages in our district.
I CANNOT drop litter or watch my friends drop litter. If my friends drop litter I automatically pick it up. I suppose its not a bad habbit, a small step towards saving the world :P
Elijah/Wilmore/United States
A good deed that I have done was feed homeless people at a Center in Lexington, KY. It was a blistering cold day and we had to get up early. I was nervous when we arrived and also realized that the place did not smell very good. We started preparing the meal and cleaning dishes. Then I helped serve by passing out scrambled eggs and said hello to the passersby. Then we washed and dried the dishes. I did this deed because I knew that these people would be cold on that snowy day, and would be starving, with nowhere else to go. They needed help and I felt sorry for them. Elijah, 11 years old
I was touched and inspired by the courage of a poor washerwoman. I wrote about her in my blog - and was able to raise some moeny to pay for her hospital bills.
I helped a blind man to cross the street.
Yesterday I waited in the Post Office line for over 20 minutes in order to purchase stamps. When I got to the counter I discovered that I left my wallet at home. I went back to my apartment and 20 minues later was back in line at the Post Office. There were about 40 people ahead of me. All of a sudden the person at the counter motioned for me to come forward. I went ahead and she sold me the stamps and said that I only have to wait in line once at Christmas time. What a surprise and how nice she was to see me and have me come forward. I am not sure the other people in line appreciated what she did but I DID. She wished me a Merry Christmas and I tahnked her for being so nice. A very good deed.
joy/Olathe /USA
2006 a group of friends, family and aquaintances pulled together a small not for profit awareness group to develope more awareness about the condition of Epilepsy. In addition there have been fund raising events and on going collection of cell phones to submit for rebate which accumulates for donation to the local research groups on epilepsy cure in our midwest community. We are also volunteering to assist the local chapter of an epilepsy foundation to broaden their services and awareness program.
Ravindra Nath/Dhamtari/India
Educate two Child Per Day
Aseem/New Delhi/India
I am aware of the need to save our environment, today I have decided thatI shall try to convince at least 5 people everyday to work towards saving our natural environment.
Aseem/New Delhi/India
I made friends with a new family and helped their young kids with their reading lessons.
Stacey/Egg Harbor Township/United States
I was a grocery store buying what I needed to last me a couple weeks because I am having back surgery next week, I am on disability with limited income, A young girl asked is she had spent enough money to get a free turkey, I can see that they had very little, the lady said no, I turned to her to see if she wanted my free turkey I just qualified for: she said yes, I told her to go back and pick out one,,she came back with a 12 lb turkey I told her I get a 21 lb for free, she went to ask her mom if it was alright and she went and got the 21 lb turkey, I did not need it...her family needed it more than me. So I in the end i gave her my free turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!
I needed my to film some things for a showreel, my friends not only gave up their saturday morning to help me film it, but edited it all for me. Out of the goodness of their hearts! Thank you.
I recycled.
A Selfless devoted social worker engaged in peace mission for decades got recently recently got operated for Byepass surgery of heart. I had also extended financial help to him.I believe: only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life's deepest joy:true fulfilment
My best friend is a single mum and she really wants some warm boots. But with the prices being ridiculous in the uk she couldn't afford them. With her birthday coming up next week i decided to but her some myself. She is extremely happy and i feel really good at my good deed!!!!
1 helped one persons to go for a place 2 took some once responsibility to my self and did it 3 help another one to get know the reality which is he is longing for
Dr M A Obaydullah/Dhaka/Bangladesh
We have a charity set up in a remote village of Bangladesh, devoted to serving the poor people. The charity is aimed at providing the following services: • food, shelter and medical treatment for poor and aged people who don’t have any shelter; • education for boys and girls from very poor families in rural areas that have hitherto been neglected; and • financial assistance for poor helpless widows who want to be self-reliant to maintain their families.
Omonade Kejekpo/Ughelli/Nigeria
Working with extreme poor persons in communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, to reverse the trends of poverty where over 60% live below minimu poverty level. I am indeed enjoying this work, even though I need capacity building training to enhance my performance for imcreased quality service delivery.
After queuing for 40 minutes at the airport and clearing security I was told that the transparent bag for toiletries even though double clear bagged and all small containers had to be resealable as well so that I would have to go to start of queue again and go through security again and get a different transparent bag.I was told this by two different security staff.However another one went out of his way to find a bag there and then and to resubmit my toiletries through the scanner so I didnt have to requeue.Thank you
amber/cathedral city/United States
I am striving to be patient with others by means of a compassionate heart. I desire to respect everyone as they may be in each and every moment. I am learning also to be patient with myself and trust that I will find my way, my dharma. We all are just trying to find our way in the end.
I have spend most of my carrier working with Sudanese Refugees in uganda in the field of community services and have enjoyed working with vulnerable person.
Theresa Kim Nuong/Dalat/VietNam
I alwways pay attention to the miserable state of poor and old people who are abandonned in their poverty and loneliness.And what I have been doing for them up to now is a personal and direct contact so that I could relieve their sufferings in a certain way,according to my very limited abilities such as : visiting,providing them with eating,clothing,comforting them with some help and attention.
driving refugies from point a to point b and repiering vehicles.
Shelby/Lansing/United States
I work for an organization that gets kids involved in helping others. Our focus right now is helping a local man raise money to get a service dog paid for that he needs because of an automobile accident. We have been doing ongoing fundraisers since school started in August.
Since 1987 we are feeding,clothing,educating and bringing up orphaned and destitute children in our CHILDREN'S HOME We want to help many more children in the future. ============================
I inspire Volunteers to take up social service activities by helping/joining Voluntary Organizations in Delhi,India.
louis /mesa/USA
I stopped gambling for 2 days and I fed someone who is an alchoholic who never eats
Monentary Donation
We recycled paper at school
my good deed is that, I'm able to love, without any conditions. I'm able to say a kind word, and is able to extend a smile. I have the ability to look beyond the faults of others and to recongnize, that their is forgiveness.We can do good unto all man-kind.
I am a General Manager. I have my boss who is a director. This morning he blamed the former Executive managing director who is no more working with us. I asked him very politely not to blame anybody who is not being with us now.
I have started a mission to make a million (or more) people feel good for at least 1 minute. The results can be clearly seen. I want to have a positive impact on the world.
There is a company here in London who own their own event venue. The venue used to be used as a hostel for the homeless. Now the venue is used for events BUT the venue is staffed by rehabilitated homeless people who have chosen to make a change. They are then trained, starting as dish washers and cleaners and eventually being trained as chefs and groundsmen within the venue. The owners of the company invest their time in training these people hence making a huge difference to their lives and giving them clear goals to work towards and a reason to get up in the morning!
I bought a wool blanket at a charity store for a woman from Bosnia who said she was sleeping in the street. Last saturday i bought a blanket for a woman from Rumania. I am a street musician and don't have much money myself.
jenny pikramenos/miami/USA
we are brothers and we always pick up the papers that we see in the street to keep our beautiful planet clean. we are very concern about the animals like dogs than do not have a house to live in. we care for them and everytime we can give them food and shelter we will do it.
I have the habit to close the tap whenever brushing so that water is not wasted.
tody i helped birds by giving them food
There is a voluntary service organization working among Poor and Need children and women of Andhra Pradesh. The organization started a programme for the children of illiterate parents of rural and urban slums a centre where the child gets supplementary nutrition, moral and educational development in post school hours. As a result the school dropout rate is reduced specially among girls and an alround development is observed.
i saved a butterfly from the web of a spider
very few give attention of capacity building to the Masaai people on HIV/AIDs education,one company have been doing so,offering free medical/HIV testing to the communty for the last three years now and the Masaai community now make informed choises concerning how to pick our HIV/ far 350 HIV educators have been trained and they are now also doing door to door teaching since there are no roads in the vast grassland.
My good deed is being in a school club. This is a good deed because i am helping the plant and animals live in a better enviorment.
I am male from Uganda and i do voluntary work with youths on HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STDs/Is), illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, drugabuse, childlabor, neglect & abuse among other issues affectting rural youths.
i can help out with globle warming by tell my mom when ever we go out with a group of friends to try to go in one car.
Rebecca /Auckland/New Zealand
At work there is a certain team of people who have been working VERY hard. They had just had their brief changed on them and were going to have to stay late (again) and most likely work through the weekend. No one at work cares much for this team, they don't get the praise that other teams get, I really don't know why. So I went out and brought them all a little afternoon treat, some lemon tarts, blueberry slice, chocolate mud tart etc. I took them to the 2 offices and handed them around and gave them some well deserved praise. Some people weren't at their desks, so I left them a piece of cake/tart on a napkin next to their keyboard. Later that day I had one of them team come up to me and ask if I had left the treats for them (he was in a meeting). I said yes. He said he knew it had to be me as I was his "cake angel". that was the nicest thing I've been called for weeks!
we are from share a service the world's first ever networking charity website.we link the needy to the helping hands instantaneously.we strictly do not entertain monetary or financial transactions for the linking.we have done 100 such linkings in the last one month.
Rev DR Priscilla/Lagos/Nigeria
I was given out in marriage at the age of 11, to face the odds and weather the storms of early marriage and I ued my wealth of experience to help women in problematic marriage situations to overcome and remain standing.I also used my small personal resources to help the poor in my community and today I have won many awards, I run an N.G.O for women and children with my personal money and I also publish a periodic News letter called winning ways for women.Want to use this medium to encourage women world over to believe in themselves and be strong
At a recent music festival, three of my friends took our whole groups tents (including mine) and pitched them for us early in the day, so by the time we arrived late at night after work, we had dry, pitched tents to sleep in! Brilliant!
l lend out one pair of shoes to my lovely friend who had non
Today in the morning l helped my neighbour,s grandmother to split firewood because she was not feeling well.
samantha/cape town/south africa
I tutor children from rural areas who are being schooled in English but who are not able to get the extra help they need from their parents as their parents oftentimes, do not speak English.
i am a chemical engineer by professional and an entrepreneur. i am also working as director of an ngo which is working for the welfare and education of chiledren specially girl child
As I am a professional and inspired by the success of few great thinkers in the field of women empowerment I started one project at a village near my home town on floriculture. The village was not used to floriculture before and hardly had any idea about profitability of the project. I arranged few meetings with the women of that village and aware them about merrigold plantation. I also aware them about farming technology, funding and marketing of their products.
Raju Thapa/Kathmandu Nepal/Nepal
I have been helping 20 Children comming from very poor Family, some has no parents, some are neglected, Some are orphan,Some are victims of natural disaster and conflict war in Kathmandu Nepal. I have, now set up an Children home, during the day send them to Private Baording school and evening, morning i spend my time teaching as well.
Raju Thapa/Kathmandu Nepal/Nepal
I have been working, helping poor Children Orphanage Home Near Godavari Kathmandu. I am the Founder of it as well. Working with Children is really amazing, Currently 14 Kids, has been Living equal number of Boys and Girls.
At my home there is one girl helping us from a very poor family but she wanted to go to school and i send her a school now she is learning very hard and helping our family at home.I feel proud to see her going a school.
Am a youth from uganda.Last year i was so touched by the children living in camps in gulu-northern uganda,i decided to celebrate my x-mas with them and now this year am doing the same.Just to make the smile again.Their parents have been in war for over 20years and they have been born in the camps.We bought them gifts like any other children in the world.And trully the celebrated the Chrismas with Joy.Visiting them just on Chrismas they were so grateful.
We have selected Medavakkam and Marakkanam which is at Chennai Tamil Nadu India to reach the Children from the age 13 to 19 for their Studies, Moral Activities, and Physical Activities.We undertake free Tuitions and provide them with Games.We also teach to play Key-Board,Violin,Guitar,Harmonica and Flute with notes.Sam
letter for volunteer teaching lesson
I was told about this website by a good person who is always willing to do a good deed for anyone in need. It's always the small things that we can so often forget to acknowledge and mean so much. Thank you to that person for picking up my prescription for me when I am unable to get to the doctor's in time- especially when they have done this on 2 occasions for me now and I have still not even had a chance to see you and catch up properly. As always, I owe you one and look forward to seeing you soon.
I am helping the poor people every day.
George Onyango/Nairobi/Kenya
I help train the youth in the slums ,most of whom had given up hope in life in business management. My organization also give out small loan to those who have undergone training.
At the train station, my friend and I were running late, had 6 people waiting for us, had lined up once at the wrong machine for tickets, finally got the front of the right machine, only to have our card spat out at us. The man in front of us saw our difficulty and offered to pay on his card if we gave him the cash. How lovely!
I always go on counselling people and settlement of disputes
I helped a young girl pay her school fees by giving her 50% of my monthly salary,equevalent to $300.
I helped someone to cry so hard that she laughed. It affected everyone in the room. We all felt relieved.
I did the dishes for my Dad today so he could make it to work on time.
My Dad's lady-friend gave a me a flower, just because.
My Dad paid for my plane tickets so I could return home and escape a rapidly worsening living situation on the other side of the country. Thank you, Dad.
I gave someone else's cat a flea bath for her.
There was a man who couldn't start his car, his battery had died, so I pushed his car for him so he could jump-start it.
I'm sunday school teacher and student.I'm from Myanmar.I'm so bless that I got your Homepage.
My friend needed her prescription to be picked up, but she wasn't able to make it to the Dr's. I picked it up for her, dropped it into the pharmacy, then into her letter box, so she could get her medicine.
I was on the tube the other day and it was packed, there was a pregnant lady and not one person would get up for her butI saw her and gave her my seat.
A woman on the tube dropped her contact lens while trying to clean it and I found it for her!
My friend recently spent hours and hours patiently helping me to learn lines for a play. A boring, tedious task for them, but made all the better for them doing it with me THANK YOU!!!
Our school was celebrating it's centenary a few weeks ago. We were missing some old-fashioned stocks for a pie-throwing game. We approached a local prop-hire company at the last minute, and they kindly donated two fantastic 'stocks' free of charge. The day was a great success and everyone enjoyed throwing pies at their 'locked up' teachers!!
Benedictus/Capitol Hills/Liberia
My good deeds begin in March of this year when a small basketball team in my community send for five basketball players from Nigeria without having the money to take care of the up keep. When I learned about that, I as a single parent who husband walked out of the home and turn his back on his own, with five children to feed and send to school decided to feed these young men and help them in other ways necessary. It is not easy,but according to the Bible we should be good to the alien in our land. I was encouraged to always leave them breakfast, dinner and even take care of one when he fell sick. Moreover, my country Liberia is just from war and every one is baldly making it. so I consider this to be of good deeds in my weak ways.
be inspired,be faithful,be successful,be myself,be confident...
maraandjoyce/Rockford/United States
For the past 2 weeks my mother in law (75) and I (42) have decided to do 3 good deeds each per day such as complimenting someone, perform small acts of kindness, replacing irritation and anger with a gesture of kindness "may i offer you a cool drink", smile at someone who looks like they need it, and whatever else we are able to do. We check with each other everyday and give each other points and we also report if we failled on our mission. This is our way no matter what our age to show that we all have the capacity to give of ourselves for a better world.
maraandjoyce/Rockford/United States
Many people could not get to a recent festival before most of the tent spaces would be taken. My two friends and I took 15 tents up between the three of us and pitched them all, so when our friends arrived they had a nice dry tent awaiting them - couldn't stop the rain though! :)
I saw a cat sitting outside my house. It did not seem well to me because it did not move around the whole day. I got her some food to eat and kept feeding her and looking after her till she was ok.She got back to normal in 2 days.I felt very good.
I was sick in bed all weekend and a friend came around with fruit, lemsip and some flowers to cheer me up.
My sister adopted a baby girl some time ago from a holy child orphanage.I think this is one of the greatest deeds i have ever known.
I know a lady who's premature baby is in ICU. She has a 5 year old son as well. She is not able to give enough time to her son and family and manage the house because she is in the hospital most of the time. Her sister gets food for their family every other day and also tries to look after her sister's son.That is very sweet on her part.
N. met a family that had no furniture. Through connections, she obtained furniture for them.
There is an old lady in our neighbourhood. She waters her friends' plants because her friend has a back problem. And she does it everyday for her.
Driver of airport park-n-ride was very diligent in helping a group of 5 with large amounts of luggage. When the group was dropped off they failed to give him any tip at all. At the next stop when I was let off with my one little bag I gave him enough tip to cover both mine and the previous group.
David/Auckland/New Zealand
My partner is a school teacher and she is making bags as an art project. I ironed 8 metres of calico, for her after she washed them, so her pupils didn't have to iron them. Thanks, David