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I would like to post the kindness i received from mr richard raphael, bangalore india. I have no idea who he was or where he came from that night. He was god sent for me and my family who were involved in an accident and desperate for help. When not many people were willing to even stop ,Not only did he take us to the hospital, he ensured we got immediate care. Thank you sir! May god bless!
My step-mum works with the midwifery service 'oop norf'. The community midwife had returned to the office and told her why she was late: one of her patients needed to get to the only food bank in the area but heavily pregnant and unable to drive was having problems so the midwife took her. The husband is a self-employed window cleaner who has fallen and badly broken his leg but was refused sickness benefit; they have 4 kids already plus the one on the way and because of this are unable to do anything for Christmas. We spent 2 hours last night going around the local ASDA trying to find suitable gifts for these unknown kids so she could give them to the midwife today to pass on: my step-mum is truly an amazing woman.
Think about our first responders. This is but the least of what they do for us, yet so tender. Ambulance was called for acute septicemia from gall bladder. While they're putting in a line, the youngest one, the new one, knowing no other way to help...found my crochet slippers by the bed and tenderly put one on each foot. They are all heroes, but think of the pure goodness of that single gesture.
About a month ago I witnessed a lady with a little boy walking under an over path. All of a sudden it began to rain. I noticed she stopped and looked startled. I thought Oh no, I have to help them. So I made a U-turn and drove up slowly towards the curve. I asked her if she needed a ride. She said she was taking her son to Palmetto Hospital for a check up. Its like 10 minutes away but on foot about 35 minutes. So I gave her my number and told her to call me when she's done since it started raining heavily. I gave her a ride to a bus stop but on the way I bought them Lunch at Wendy's. She said thank you so much you brightened my day today.
My new neighbor is a 20 year old kid who just left home. We got talking and it turns out that after he moved in his flatmate ran out on him leaving him with an empty home and a pile of bills. He said he was going to have to quit college and move back in with mom and dad. I felt sorry for him because I had to do similar when i was his age so the next day I went shopping. Using some "bargain" websites I know I spent £40 and got him £200 of food and house warming gifts and had it delivered. He later fessed up that it gave him just enough time and space to find a new flatmate who pays their rent in advance so no more running out on bills! To this day he doesn't know it was me.
Tuesday was a cold day with occasional sprinkles. I clerked an auction sale that was being held outside. As I left my house, I oddly grabbed two jackets. While registering people for buyer's numbers, an older gentleman came to the window. He was wearing a thin, long sleaved shirt. He was very cold, and my heart sank. I offered him my jacket, and he gladly said yes. As the day progressed I would glance around and look for him, but never saw him. I automactically assumed that he had left and took my jacket with him. At the end of the sale, he brought me my jacket and appologized for it having rain on it. He stated 'you are very kind' and handed me $20.
Catherine/London/United Kingdom
My Uncle and Grandma were companions to each other. My Grandma recently passed away, leaving my Uncle lonely. I invited him away on holiday with us for my birthday and insisted on paying for his stay. I know he really appreciated the company and being included in our group. He treated me to things over the holiday and is a very kind hearted person. It was nice to return his kindness and for him to receive a piece of the kindness he always gives to others. It was great to see him laughing and smiling again like he did with my Grandma.
Today in town I saw a homeless man had built a little enclousure for him self under some stairs and behind a box. I realise my deed was me being vulnerable but he was homeless. I bought some food and water and wrote a note. I left them in his shelter for him to return to.
Jenna/San Francisco/USA
I gave a care package to a mentor/friend who was about to undergo surgery. Very least I could do for someone who has done so much for me, and is one of the few people who I can confide in. Since then I've checked up on her via text to see how she's doing.
Seen people in groups holding free hugs sign and went about giving people group hugs leaving everyone happy and laughing.
I gave my tube pass to someone waiting to purchase their ticket as I no longer needed it. She was really happy and it made me smile!
Dana/New York/USA
Walking up the stairs, out of the subway in NYC amidst gobs of other people one day, a homeless man wearing a hospital bracelet, carrying a heavy bag, struggled down the stairs while others pushed by him going up. I decided to offer him my help by carrying his bag down the stairs. Once I stopped, another woman stopped as well to help him out. It was a small deed, but showed me that it's totally true - a small act of kindness compels others to jump in and do the same.
Nikki /Brisbane/Australia
This morning I went to my local shop to get milk and eggs, I went to pay for it and it declined, I hadn't checked our accounts and we had all our money in another account, I told the lady at the counter that I needed to pop to my car to transfer some money as my mobile was in my car, when I came back the lady at the counter told me that the lady behind me had already paid for it, I was a little taken back then almost a bit emotional that just made my day its a amazing how the little things people do can make such a difference, I think I might pass it on now.. :)
Sat next to a homeless man who told me his name was Robert and bought him dinner. He then told me in the 16 years hes been homeless no one has ever bothered to talk to him.
Helped blind man cross road after being ignored by passers by.
Makie/San Francisco /USA
I've recently started a project called "Planted Deeds". Every day, I intend on helping one person by completing one good deed. Like my mother always told me, it is always better to give than to receive. And when you give, you are receiving because nothing is more special than making another person smile.
Elisa/Bath/United Kingdom
A group of us were on our way to netball, when we saw an elderly man struggling to set up his electric chair ramp in to his home. We went over to him and helped him by setting it up and bringing it back in once he was inside. He was really appreciative and thankful for it and we all felt great for helping him out.
Im trying to help a single struggling mom get back on her feet and get things on track for her beautiful three children shes been dealt some very hard blows but doesnt give up hope or trying she unconditionally and whole heartedly puts these kids first. shes lost so much.
I spend time with an elderly woman every Friday morning. She lives alone and is far from her family so I know she appreciates the company.
My mom is the most amazing woman in the world. When her sister passed away that lived over 670 miles away she adopted my four young cousins without ever really seeing them. When her husbands sister passed away her two young kids came to live with us full time. She is now a mom of 10 kids! Three of them are severe ADHD and one is Autistic this would drive most moms crazy but my mom is amazing. She does not get hand outs or food stamps like one would think.
Kellie/Parma/United States
A friend of mine lost hours at work, so I sent her a grocery gift card in the mail with her Valentine :)
I had been in a long queue at the supermarket checkout when I noticed there was an eldery couple behind me. They had a lot more items than me but they seemed to be struggling so I let them go in front of me even though I was in a hurry.
Me and my friends went around the neighbourhood picking up every single piece of trash we saw.
Hannah/Warwick/United Kingdom
Today I witnessed a customer return to a shop and return the extra change they had been accidentally given - lovely to see!
Hattie/Oxford/United Kingdom
Having accidentally dropped my mobile phone in a taxi I was sure it was long gone. Having found it, however, the taxi driver not only went out of his way to contact me, but drove the 1 hour 20 minute round trip to return it, free of charge! He'd even attached a clip to make sure I couldn't lose it again! Lovely man!
Mark/Kings Lynn/UK
I found a wallet, with £360 cash inside. I took out the bank cards and searched for th echap using social media, phone books etc., I got in touch, he came in to collect the wallet and said "it's nice knowing there are still honest people around...". He placed a thank you in the local press. The article was mentioned to me several times at appointments by people who had read it and i'm quite sure it helped me gain business! Felt good for several days.